How to Create an MP3 CD With ITunes




Introduction: How to Create an MP3 CD With ITunes

Sidenote: This should work with iTunes 10 and below.

In this instructable, you will learn how to make an MP3 CD with iTunes.

But, why would you want to make an MP3 CD? We'll the fact is normal CDs can only store/play up to 80 minutes of music. MP3 CDs can play music for as long as you like so you can fill up the memory on your MP3 CD. Plus most CD players and car CD players support MP3 CDs. So no more talking and lets roll!

The Requirements for this instructable are:

Time needed:

  • Time Varies
  • From a few minutes to a few hours creating your ultimate playlist
  • A few minutes to adjust the settings

Step 1: Insert a Blank CD

Insert a Blank CD into your CD burner/drive.

There are two types of blank CDs you can use for burning an MP3 CD. You can use one.

  • CD-Rs (CD-recordable). With CD-Rs you can burn a file onto a CD, but you cannot erase it. CD-Rs come in 650MB, 700MB, and 800MB capacities.
  • CD-RWs (CD-rewritable) are like huge-capacity floppy disks. They allow users to add and delete files over and over. Be aware that CD-RWs are less reliable than CD-Rs and may not be compatible with the CD drive you are using.

Step 2: Create a Playlist

In the bottom left corner of iTunes, click on the plus (+) sign. A playlist will come up so the side of iTunes called 'untitled playlist'. You can name your playlist any name you want.

Step 3: Add Songs to Your Playlist

Add songs to your playlist (the songs you want on your MP3 CD). Just drag the songs from your Music Library in iTunes to your playlist or open up Windows Explorer or Finder and drag the songs into iTunes where your playlist is.

Step 4: Edit the Song Title and Information (optional)

Edit the song and title information by clicking once on the song you are going to edit, then click once on the title/information you want to edit.

Note: Some CD players show the name of the song title, artist and other information if it has a text screen.

Step 5: Sort Your Playlist

Sort your playlist so that the songs you want first play first on your MP3 CD. To sort your songs, select a song and drag so that it is in order (you can select multiple songs and drag them together).

Step 6: Burn Your MP3 CD

Insert your blank CD. Make sure your playlist is the order you want because once you burn your disc there's no taking back (unless it's a rewritable).

Open your playlist. Click the 'Burn Disc' button in the bottom right corner of iTunes. A window will popup showing three options. Choose MP3 CD and click 'Burn'.

Warning: Beware of overburning. Overburning is writing beyond the manufacturer's declared capacity on a CD-R or CD-RW disc. It is better practice to underburn by 20MB or so. For example, if your CD has a capacity of 750MB, then you would burn 730MB of 750MB of your CD.

Step 7: Wait for Your MP3 CD to Burn

iTunes will scan your playlist to determine whether it can fit onto the CD. If not, an error window will popup as shown below. In that case, you must either burn your playlist on more than one CD (the MP3 CD button) or go back (the Cancel button), remove songs, and try burning again.

If the playlist fits, iTunes will automatically start burning the CD. For the best results, do not use your computer for other task while the MP3 CD is burning. When the burning finishes, you can insert your MP3 CD into your computer, CD player etc. And listen to hours of music!

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Step 1. Insert a blank disc to PC. And then select a playlist and go to "File" > "Burn Playlist to Disc".

    Step 2. Finish the burn settings: select disc format, preferred speed, gap between songs, etc. Finally, go to "Burn" to start burning songs to CD.

    When the burning is complete, you can eject the disc and try it out in your CD player to be sure it plays.

    Related Tips: How to Burn Apple Music to CDs

    Phil B
    Phil B

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I burn CDs from iTunes only periodically. I keep forgetting how to do it, although I am usually burning MP3 files to WAV discs so I can play them in my not-MP3 compatible car CD player. I make notes on what I have done, but later find I should have added more detail. Most of the time I am burning Podcasts I have downloaded. I also have a personal CD player that is MP3 compatible.