How to Create an Electric Motor Masco G38

Introduction: How to Create an Electric Motor Masco G38

By: Noah Lachmyr and Christian Bovest

Step 1: Materials

2 paper clips

1 rubber band

1 magnet

1 D battery

1 18 inch 26 guage magnetwire

Step 2: Shaping Your Wire

To shape your wire wrap the wire around the D battery so that the wire forms a circle. Leave about 1.5 inches sticking out of opposite ends. After you shaped the wire wrap each end around the side of the circle the wire is sticking out from until there is only 1 inch sticking out and the wire holds its shape.

Step 3: Shape Your Paperclips

Bend the inside loop of the paper clip outwards so you make the paperclip longer. Next take the long end of the paperclip and bend it upwards to make a V - Shape that the wire can lay on.

Step 4: Attach Your Paperclips to the Battery

Wrap the rubber band around the battery long ways. Next tuck the end without the V - Shape under the rubber band so that the 2 paperclips touch the positive and negative ends of the battery.

Step 5: Sanding the Wire

Sand one whole end of one of the ends of the coiled wire so all the enamel is removed. On the other wire end sand only the bottom half and leave the top half's enamel on.

Step 6: Placing Your Magnet and Coil on the Battery.

Place your coiled wire in the two V - Shaped paperclips. Next put the magnet under the coil of wire on the side of the battery.

Step 7: Starting Your Motor

Lightly tap the wire coil until it starts to spin on its own. It should start and continue going without your assistance.

Step 8: Troubleshooting

If your motor does not work then try adding another magnet to the motor. try moving the coil closer to the magnet if your coil is not spinning.

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