How to Create Your Own Command Prompt in Windows Xp





Introduction: How to Create Your Own Command Prompt in Windows Xp

This will teach u how to create your own command prompt!!!

Step 1: Creating the Document.

Step 1:Right click on your desktop. Select new text document.
This will create the document u need to create the command prompt.

Step 2: Editing the Code.

Name the document custom command prompt.bat.
Right click on the document and select edit.
Type @echo off
break off
title custom command prompt (or just title it anything u want) color 0a

set /p cmd=command: (or type in anything you want)

goto cmd
Click save not save as just save.
Exit notepad and click on the document u created it will open your own command prompt.

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    This is not creating any other than a shortcut command to the pre existing cmd.exe which people can utilize just by typing cmd in thee run dialog. But for those new to programming it is a good start.

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    Dude, this was seven years ago. I do Artificial Intelligence research now and I find that people still commenting on this hilarious.

    Im starting to try and make a simple but effective os that schools and people at home can use would you be interested in helping if so message me on

    I love how so many of you rant and rave about how simple this program is.

    So what? Nobody forced you to even click on this article.

    The title is very clear, hopefully it didn't fool you into believing that you'll learn something to enhance your advanced programming skills.

    I like it.

    Having said that, what I find hilarious is that you claim to 'do' Artificial Intelligence... not sure the relevance, unless you were fishing for compliments.

    Oh yes, and congrats that you 'made this when I was a little kid', you must be awesome by now (luv the BMX helmet btw).

    So many trolls, so little time.


    thats way to complicated man..........all u have to do is open up notepad and type and save it as (watever u want).bat

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    If cmd.exe and is not available, that will not work, bro. Nice try, though (NO OFFENSE!).

    no offense, but is typing so few lines such a big deal? it's like 20 seconds of copying+pasting or typing. plus this code lets you personalize it. i've never used batch code before and this is pretty cool for me.

    and if you continue, you can actually create text adventure games, like i have made a few.. maybe one day i'll make an instructable

    I made this when I was a little kid in elementary school lol! I didn't think people would read it this much.

    1 reply

    Well, when you get to middle and high school the techies start blocking stuff like this. Unfortunately, they blocked this one 2. If Anyone has similair versions, please let me know via privat message =)

    My version

    @echo off
    title Command Prompt - by account3r2
    echo (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp.
    set /p "cmd=%cd%>"
    goto cmd

    its awesome check it out copy BETWEEN THE stars (******)

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    Not to be degrading, but how is that different from the one you would normally use? That makes absolutely no sense.

    The one in this tut, although old, is green and is completely customized based on your wants.

    Trust me, if you think batch is cool, learn a new language that is actually useful like C++ or C#. Those are probably the coolest. You also have Ruby and Python which I incredibly love and Java for some cool stuff as well.

    Yeah, I know that was a long time ago when I didn't know very much about programming and also that was supposed to be for schools/something that blocks the normal cmd... I have learned more programming languages and better batch programming, too... Sorry.

    Yeah, sorry, I made that a while ago when I didn't know that much about this stuff... I have my own instructable now but it needs work still... but I have made many versions with security from my new knowledge of the BATCH language.

    A command prompt "prompts" you for a command. Basically, this is just a customized command prompt in windows. I might make a different one in C++ in a while.