How to Defeat a Witch




Introduction: How to Defeat a Witch

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Traditionally, witches' curses tend to cause bad dreams. This is a traditional prevention and cure.

Step 1: Where to Find Materials

Almost any pebbled beach. Flint pebbles are best.

For this Instructable, I chose Bognor Regis' beach, but any well-pebbled beach you have handy will do.

Step 2: Acquiring the Correct Selection of Materials

First, wander up and down the beach. You are looking for stones with holes in. They must go right the way through the stone. If you have help, you will find more. Finding these stones can become a group activity. I was helped by Kitechild-major (Kitechild-minor was busy fighting pterodactyls with a stick).

Second, find a piece of string. We were going to pinch a piece of wool off Kitewife, but we found a length of plastic packing string on the beach as well, so we used that. It seemed appropriate.

Step 3: Assembling the Materials

Select one stone, either a small stone with a large hole, or a stone with the hole to one side. Tie the string to the stone.

Thread the rest of the stones onto the string.

Finishing: either tie the final end of the string to the last stone, or tie a loop in the end. An overhand knot is sufficient to do this.

Step 4: Preventing the Curse

To prevent the bad dreams, the curse must be physically blocked. Hang your string of stones in the window of your bedroom. Traditionally, this is best done on the outside, but (in this modern world), inside the window is also acceptable. If you have enough strings, you can provide a thorough protection by hanging them in every window and beside every exterior door.

Step 5: What Is Going On

In the East of England, stones with naturally-occurring holes are called hagstones (a “hag” being a witch). The holes are meant to deflect the dream-causing curse.

Step 6: Alternatives

You don’t have to use string. If the stones are going to be outside, say on a window frame or gatepost, you can thread them onto a length of thick wire (such as a wire coat hanger or fencing wire). Twist a small loop into each end of the wire, and they can be nailed, screwed or stapled in place.

Be decorative – we threaded the stones on in the order they came out of our pockets, but you could select the sizes and orientation of the stones to look “right” for you. Kitechild-major attempted to lay our string out as a letter ‘B’, since we were in Bognor Regis Butlins at the time – if your strings are long enough, you could nail them to a fence in whatever patterns you want.

Step 7: The Science Bit

Flint is a particular kind of stone known as an evaporite. It is a little-known fact that almost anything will dissolve in water, even silicates (chemicals similar to sand and glass). It's just that not very much will dissolve. As the water evaporates, the dissolved solids are left behind.

Animals like zooplankton and sponges have a silica-based structure, which partly dissolves when they die. As a shallow sea evaporates, the silica is the first material to come out of solution. It tends to accumulate where there is already silica, so it builds up as nodules around specks of dead sponge. When the more-soluble carbonates come out of solution and form chalk, the nodules of silica get trapped in the matrix.

So, every flint has a piece of sponge at its heart. Sometimes, the piece is quite large, so the flint traps a fossil sponge, which is revealed as the outside of the flint is eroded away by natural processes. You may find a flint with a bubbly-textured piece sticking out. That is a fossil sponge, many millions of years old.

The bubbles make the central sponge weaker, so it erodes away more quickly, leaving a cavity in the flint. Sometimes, that cavity passes right through the flint, making a hagstone.

Most hagstones are small, but you occasionally find a large one. Years ago, we found one twice the size of my head on the beach near Cromer. It became a garden ornament, but we managed to leave it behind when we moved house. By the time we remembered about it, the new owners had decided that it didn’t fit their plans, and skipped it.



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I don't know what to do so i am writing my problem here such that some one could help me. i am suffering from witchcraft which is done by my sister and as i she came to know that i noticed that she is the one she is scared that i am gonna hurt her so she did forcefully collected blood samples of mine and now i can't act against her and she keeps on performing the craft on me. cornered and suffering from a long period cant find a solution and moreover she is tracing all my contacts and transactions such that i wouldn't hire someone to trouble the witch

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Well there are a few ways to end it all... 1.. kill her obviously.. but out of the question... 2. She dies (unfortunate) so the curse will die with her... 3... counteract her curse... she took your blood... well you take hers... what most don't know is that hair is also a form of blood... and hair from the private area is even more valuable then blood best if the hair is given to you by the soul itself... in any fashion... even as simple as them handling you their hair brush... hat... or whatever it may be... take that hair... go to a place where no a single life being exists... best on a full moon... and at 3a.m.... hold the hair in your hand... imagine that now the power is yours... and destroy it... in any way you feel fit... I myself like to devour it...

Can we please not encourage a potentially-dangerous belief in superstitious silliness?

This instructable was intended to be a light-hearted reflection of a local tradition.

No matter what you believe, witches are not real, curses are not real. Any power a "witch" has is purely in the power of suggestion and placebo.

I don't know where in the world you are, but there is one consistent thing about witchcraft - it only works if the "victim" believes in it.

By the power of suggestion, possibly backed up by local tradition, you think she is controlling you.

All you need to do is look in the mirror, look yourself right in the eye, and declare to yourself - I am my own person. The supernatural does not govern me or my fate.

If you make yourself believe that, any "power" your sister is supposed to have over you will be broken.

What actually happened is that she committed an act of assault upon you by forcibly taking blood, and if she is tracing your contacts and transactions she may be planning to steal your financial identity, or commit some sort of fraud.

You do not need a witch-hunter, you need the police.

your comments are funny, however besides of funny stories that only blur out this problem, - there is plenty of people, mostly those are gypsies, who practice occultism. There is an old and very well known saying in the gypsies tradition, "do not say anything against devil or God, as you do not know to whom you will belong to". I think it explains alot. I am not going to say anything more, than those people who have supernatural properties or knowledge, are the ones who are possessed. It is had to believe even to me, but the properties they have, are inherited by their children the same way as the course or the famous "mark". I do not joke. Please do not believe that they exist only in the books. The one from books are very different from those who in a real life. It can be your neighbor or anyone else who does not look like that. Not all gypsies have such properties but most of them have. I warn you, do not even try anything such as tarrot, fortunetelling, bioenergotherapy.... They seem to be helpful however once you start it, you invite a devil into your life, and he will not leave you. Those are people who have a pact with devil and their children who inherited the same properties. Not only me, but also some of my friends, confirmed the same what I experienced on my own. Stay away from them. Keep children away from them. Do not invite them to your house. Many times, they are called "medium", which means that this is a possessed person by whom acts the devil manifesting its supernatural power in different way, that always earlier or later causes a harm. They are not your friends.

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All the reliable evidence shows that people "taken over by the devil" are, in fact, suffering from either a mental illness (such as schizophrenia or a psychotic episode), or are in the grasp of an addiction.

People claiming to have "powers", be they fortune tellers, mediums or any other kind of "true magic" are, without exception, scammers and confidence tricksters.

Anybody worshipping "the devil" will, I can confidently state, gain exactly the same benefits as anybody else who worships any other deity, spirit or supernatural concept.


2 years ago

You know, although I haven't found your post helpful in any way kiteman, I have found the comments to be. But by doing a little further research on the site it's a DYI site. So it explains your creation but it does not dismiss your poorly informed post. You might not believe, but others do. You have yet to see to actually grasp it. But for someone who has believed before as well as experienced it in its entirety, your post is an insult, and your tongue is misfortunate to be of you. But after all you just don't know(though you think you do, you don't).but anyways thanks I enjoyed the post as well as the comments. :)

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Your opinion in no way invalidates my posting of a piece of traditional British culture (a tradition that pre-dates modern paganism [Wicca etc] by several hundred years), nor does it invalidate the factual nature of the Science part.

You may choose to be insulted by this project, but, speaking from context of a family with Jewish roots, containing fervent christians, secure atheists and a Wiccan, none of whom see any problem with this project, I think I shall choose to let your intolerance of the traditional beliefs of other cultures slide by - it is your problem, not mine.

I always defeat a witch by using an ancient method, called the "Shout of Force", rather like Tai Chi but with much faster moves. Position yourself around three-quarters of an arm-length away from the witch. Using your best arm, clench your fist solidly, then draw back your arm and uttering your favourite shamanic "Shout of Force", aim and hit said witch between the eyes. The "Shout of Force" should be uttered as loudly as you can muster and is very effective. It's amazing what you can do with the power of the human voice.

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Hi, i'm a WITCH and why do you need to defeat a witch? If you want her or him to stop then ask nicely. Eeeesh. And if said witch you 'defeated' was cursing you, and you DIDN'T do anything to her or him and if he or she cursed you for no reason, she or he would have gotton what was coming to him/her without you yelling in her/his face.

There are very real occasions wherein there is a need to fight metaphysical harm using metaphysical means. Let's not be hypocritical here, if you had the weapons to legally stop someone from hurting you, wouldn't you use it? About Karma and the "Law of 3", is it a belief which you have personally verified to be true? Or was it just an idea just made up by your founder? You wiccans make the question of whether to hurt or not to hurt someone come more from the fear of retribution, rather than tolerance and respect for others, of which you even try to "behoove" by putting a multiplier like the number 3. And how many wiccan publications/books are out there that have teachings to overpower your opponents? I know cuz I used to be a wiccan. The good thing is that THERE ARE weapons to defeat a witch, wiccan or any other. And there is a real need for them because there are certainly bad wiccans that forget your law of 3, however unfounded that belief may be just like there are bad christians. The same way that our society needs guns. How to defeat a witch? there are chillingly effective ways of doing it, I have done it several times.

How do I defeat a witch? I think I'm dealing a BIG ONE.

One that uses the magical arts and a "witch" may be implying different things, granted, Hermione Granger was meant to be a witch but she wasn't meen, the word "witch" implies that of a hag in modern day English.

You'll are funny, think you all know! but you'll now nothing, the holy bible said (what is wisdom to man is foolishness to God) a true witch cannot be defeated like that, the only way you can defeated a true witch is with the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST all witches now that this is true, thats why they know who to mess with. It's written (Thou believes that their is one God thou do'es well the Devils also believed and tremble.)

3 replies

Oh, good grief!

This whole thing is just an example of a traditional craft.  Nothing more.

True, spell-casting witches do not exist, any more than your brand of god does.

Utter nonsense.

You can check as much as you want when I "joined", the real fact still remains all I said is the truth and not a waste, whats a waste is that your blind and deaf to the words of God and open to the truth from the son of peridition where fire never quench and the worms never die. 'kiteman"

Way to go with the persuasive argument!

You do realise that threats of hell and damnation only work on Believers, don't you?  It's just so much vented CO2 to an atheist.

If you really want to carry this on, find out how to send a PM, and stop wasting comment space.