How to Do an Waterproof Paper Boat.




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You always do a paper boat and it ends wrecked? then, have a look on that instructable!

Theres some pics of how can you see the boat if waterproofed, because the wanter doesn't get leaked.

Step 1: Materials You Need.

You need;
- any paper (in that case a paper of a newspaper)
- scissors
- a lighter
- a candle

optional (for paint the paper)
- some water
- colouring

Step 2: How to Paint the Paper

Frit put some water in the glas, and some colouring and paint the paper with a paintbrush.
Let the paper wet become dry.

Step 3: How to the The Paper Boat; Step One.


Cut your paper of the size you want. I have cutted mine by the half and then the half of the half. Just look at the pictures and you'll underestand ;)

Step 4: How to the The Paper Boat; Step Two.

Frist put the paper as the image is.
Then fold it by its half and fold as images says.

Step 5: How to the The Paper Boat; Step Three.

Now you have to fold the paper as is indicated in the image. Do the same on the other face of the paper.

Step 6: How to the The Paper Boat; Step Four.

Now you have to open the "protorype" of the boat by the center, where there's the hole.
Then fold the paper makeing a rhombus as the image.

Step 7: How to the The Paper Boat; Step Five.

When you had the rhombus, then you have to fold the paper as the image.
Do the same with the onther face of the paper and you'll get a triangle.

Step 8: How to the The Paper Boat; Step Six.

Now just folow the steps of the images.

You have done an paper boat! yay!

Step 9: How to Waterproof Your Paper Boat!

Well well.. You're on your final step! Congratulations :)

Now you have to light the candle and make the liquid wax fall on the paper boat, you have to extend the wax with your finger (the wax its so hot so wait 2 seconds).
Waterproof all sites of your paper boat with wax. Don't put a lot of wax because if you do it, the paper boat will be too much heavy and it will end wrecked anyway.



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