How to Download Videos From Veoh for Dummies**

Introduction: How to Download Videos From Veoh for Dummies**

This Instructable is made to assist those who are not familiar with downloading process that Veoh implements.

(** "Dummies" is used in reference to the infamous tutorial books printed for the purpose of allowing people to learn how to do something without having to pay large amounts of money for a learning course that barely even touches on the subject.

**The word "Dummies" is NOT being used in reference to the mentally disabled, those whom suffer from learning disorders, those that lack common sense, those whom are unintelligent, dropouts, the uneducated, the homeless, maniquins, testing equipment, training equipment, or as an insult to those reading this Instructable)

Step 1: Download the Client

If you do not already have the Veoh client downloaded to your computer then follow these directions, if you already have it on your computer then skip to step 2.

The client can be downloaded from

Step 2: Running the Client

after the client has been installed please go and start it.
When it asks for a login go ahead and enter your veoh account name and password.

Step 3: Downloading the Videos

Now while the Veoh client is running go visit the veoh website and find the page that the video that you wish to download is on.

Step 4: Make Sure That the Download Has Started....

As soon as you add the video to your download queue make sure that the client starts to download.(normally takes a few seconds for it to start)

Step 5: Coup De' Grace

Wait for it to finish downloading and enjoy your own copy of the video!



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    I'd also recommend Acethinker Video Downloader which I have used for many years. It is a free cloud based software to download Veoh videos without install any software in your device.

    Try houlo video downloader. It supports the latest Veoh website update.

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    This is the best from what I tested.

    You may also follow this article to get the Veoh Video Downloader and the step by step guide to download videos from Veoh at

    IMHO, for simple URL based batch downloads from Vimeo, YouTube, and similar sites. Houlo video downloader worked best for me.

    veoh clinet now has been changed to veoh web player, it can save most veoh videos which have "download" icon. But I don't need it since I use this desktop program to record veoh videos It can download and convert veoh videos to your computer.

    I download video from by means of service

    hey i see you have a lot on your desktop theres an instructable that helped me with my clutter problem not trying to offend you

    Please give me feed-back on how helpful this Instructable is, thank you.

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    This doesn't really provide much info that the Veoh usage instructions don't already provide. Your title implies that you are offering instructions on bypassing the Veoh client, or maybe nabbing the downloaded videos so that they are out of the control of the client and cannot be deleted by the service at will.

    What we want is to download the videos from veoh with using their clinet s/w. Even we were not able to copy from temp directory as it creates with .jsp extn.

    uh. but when you delete the vieoh client all those videos are deleted with it so there realy is no point in downloading their client. it sucks. so. I'll just stick with watching videos on theyr site.