How to Dry Out and Fix a Cell Phone-water Damaged.




These are the items you'll need to help dry out and fix your cell phone.

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Step 1: Remove Parts of Phone.

The first step you must do is power off the phone. Then you have to take out the battery and remove the back cover.

Step 2: Dry Off Phone All Over Immediately.

You have to then dry off the contents of the phone such as the battery, back, and front, and whatever areas got damaged.

Step 3: Fill Container.

Next step is to fill the container almost to the top with the dry rice.

Step 4: Put Phone and Battery in the Rice Container.

Put the phone and battery in the rice container and leave it in there with the lid over it for about 3 days to dry and take out all the moisture from the water damaged phone.

Step 5: Take Phone Out of Container.

The phone is still buried in the rice. After 3 days take the phone out, wipe the rice dust off and put the battery and back phone cover onto the phone. Then turn the power on.

Step 6: Turn Phone On.

Turn the phone on and it should work fine with no problems whatsoever.

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2 years ago


Thanks for asking this question. All are fall down in water accidentally. We are doing this water log service with you. Visit our site -


3 years ago

Attention Everyone. The rice trick does not work. There is nor scientific way for the rice to magically dry your phone. "Well, OK, but there's no harm in just trying it to be sure, right?" Wrong. Wrongwrongwrong WRONG. Rice is tiny. Rice can break into tinier bits. Those bits can get into your phone and congratulations. It's stuck there now. And ther best part is, if it was an iPhone or other Apple product then Apple is not responsible for repairing thinks getting stuffed in your device's orifices. so please Internet. Stop perpetuating this baseless myth and stop breaking your phones with rice.


3 years ago

Looking for some quick ways to fix your water-damaged smartphone? You must try out these five handy steps to help your device survive the damage.

- Do not turn on your smartphone.

- Avoid pressing any buttons or keys.

- Don't tap, bang or shake your device.

- Make sure not to blow on your device.

- Don’t heat or cool the device.

For more Tips & tricks to save your phone from water damaged please click on this


4 years ago on Introduction

Welldone! Don’t use the hair dryer to dry up your phone, and do not press any key after the phone drop in the water. see more here:


I wish the rice myth would just die, but somehow people keep doing it! :(

Rice does NOTHING to save wet electronics and just wastes precious time. My blog on why that is is here:


5 years ago on Introduction

To speed the dry up a bit, Sit this in a nice warm place like a sunny spot. Or sit it on a heating pad turned on low .
If you can find some of the little bags of silica gel, it would be less messy.


9 years ago on Introduction

If there are gaps in the device (especially under the battery cover) rice could get in and you'll have a hard time getting it back out. It may be a good idea to mask the area with some tape or add a bit of cotton/filler to block the grains.