How to Get Better From a Cold.



You've all had one here's how to get better from it. Yes i know they suck to have. (this is my first instructable so please be nice)

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I'm not kidding if you want to get better you need to keep your hands clean. Most of the germs your body everyday are off your hands. Washing them frequently should work. Especially before eating. Wash them with soap and hot water. If you can't find a sink some hand sanitizer will work.

Step 2: Second: Avoid Spreading Germs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having a cold is not fun so don't spread germs. If you need to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow (or into your shirt. Mucus is easier to clean up off your elbow than your stomach). Or you can cough/sneeze into a tissue. This way is better because you have no mucus to clean up.

Step 3: Third: Drink a Lot.

Usually a cold comes with a sore throat. One of the best ways to keep your throat relatively comfortable and reduce coughing (it hurts) is to drink a lot of liquids.

Step 4: Fourth: TAKE MEDICINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will get better faster if you take medicine. Yes, i know it tastes gross but take it anyway. you will want to just not take it but after you are better you will thank the yourself for taking it.

Step 5: Your Better Now!!!!!!!!!!

If you follow these tips you will minimize the time you are sick. YAY feeling better is awesome. Now still follow step 2 and it will decrease your chances of getting sick again. Follow step 2 ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU USE THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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      7 years ago on Introduction

      dude, i haven't been sick for 2 years, and don't do this


      7 years ago on Step 2

      Step 2 picture 1 looks funny