How to Iron 7 Shirts in Less Than 15 Minutes




Introduction: How to Iron 7 Shirts in Less Than 15 Minutes

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I hate ironing. 

I find ironing very difficult, largely because ironing boards are designed not to fit anything in particular.  So, I decided to make an ironing board to fit the shirts that I wear.  I began by making a cardboard template of a man's extra-large shirt.  I tweaked this template until it would fit inside a buttoned-up shirt. 

Next, I cut a piece of particle board to match the template, then covered it with some cotton batting and a cloth cover (I actually found "ironing board cover" material in a fabric store).  After I upholstered the particle board with the batting and cover, I screwed it to a standard ironing board using 4 screws (screwed in from underneath).

Now I find I can iron a shirt (and do a good job) in less than 2 minutes, which means I can iron a week's worth of shirts in under 15 minutes, including the time it takes for the iron to warm up.

I begin with laying the sleeves out flat (not shown in the photos) and ironing them the normal way.  Next I place the back of the shirt on the re-designed board (2nd photo) and iron it.  Then I iron one side of the shirt's front, then the other side (photos 3 and 4).

For pullover shirts that need ironing, I simply slip the entire shirt over the board, iron it, then turn it over and iron it.  A pullover shirt can be ironed in a matter of seconds!

This design works well on men's shirts, however it probably wouldn't work very well on a woman's blouse, due to the complexities of women's fashions, body shape, etc.

I still hate ironing, however now I only have to hate it for about 15 minutes each week!

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    Would you happen to have the dimensions available please?

    I love this idea. I also hate ironing mens shirts until i saw this board the shape of the shirt. I want one!

    Can you provide a drawing with the rough estimate of dimensions? Thanks!!

    I only signed up to say thank you, I find this very impressive... Seriousy, I hate ironing but can't bear wearing a crumpled shirt. I'm not good at building stuff and generally lazy but this would be so cool... How about a shirt manufacturer that sold this with their shirts?

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    Thank you for the kind words! I share your hatred of ironing, which is what led me to make my own ironing board. I realized that the typical ironing board is a "one size fits none" affair, so I decided to make one that fits my shirt size. I still hate ironing, but now I only have to hate it for a few minutes each week. Thanks again for your comment.

    There is a cool application for android with animated instruction on how to iron, check it out.
    link to Google Play

    Excellent, will take the idea and try to make my own. Thank you.

    thats insanely awesome

    i bet you could make money off of this

    What a great idea. I hate the ironing boards that are sold today. they are flimsy and require attention ?????? You could continue along this line and develop a much better designed ironing board, sturdier, wider etc. for every day living. This could be your money maker................ I would buy it..................

    What about real sleeves (ie. REAL sleeves) ???…
    That's when it gets tricky and shows the real expert from the amateur !!!!…

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    I'm not following you - you mean iron the cuff and placket flat, then iron the sleeve flat, like the professionals do? this could easily be done on this board. If you are talking about ironing them with a sleeve board, then you could just set the sleeve board on here too.

    rea dudaott's comment coming just after yours : you'll get the answer why it is pretty tricky …

    Best wishes

    Honestly, I have a hard time with both of you and dudaott usage of grammar and English. I still do not see what the difficulty is.


    Not to worry … the reason you don't understand me is that english is not my mother tongue, and the reason why I understand dudaott so well may just be the same ! …

    Then again he gave me a real insight in how to iron sleeves properly as I still believe that from my own practice ironing sleeves is difficult because you have to iron two pieces of material at the same time (the two sides of the sleeve) and the cut of each side does not match (a nice sleeve has not the shape a tube). Then the crease ends before the cuffs and these should be ironed differently.

    Ce sont les problèmes de l'élégance française mon cher !… ;D

    Best wishes !…

    Hi vincent7520!

    If you have those frilled sleeves at the cuffs, you should put them flat and iron them from the shoulder down, while holding the cuffs about 2 inches higher than the board. This way, the sleeve will be perfectly ironned, with no wrinckles whatsoever. Note that you must use the tip of the iron toward the frilled cuffs, as the tip will de-wrickles (is that a word?) the fabric without marking the frilled on the sleeves.

    Best Regards, dudaott.