How to Make Injera (A Pancake-like-sour-bread From the Horn of Africa)




Introduction: How to Make Injera (A Pancake-like-sour-bread From the Horn of Africa)

Injera is a flat pancake-like, sour and delightfully adictive bread that is a staple in the East African countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia. This food has been featured in a number of movies, sitcoms and recently the Simpsons. More and more are discovering it, and producers of the ingredients needed to make Injera have set up businesses across the United States.

It is slightly tricky, but it can generally be made at home. Here are the steps you need to take to prepare Injera.

Ingredients: Teff flour (Search for a home delivery service of this product in the USA)

1. Mix the flour, salt and luke-warm water, just the way you would mix pancake mixes.
2. Let the mix stay about 12 hours untouched. (Cover the bowl with paper towel or something similar)
3. It forms bubbles on the surface. The fermenting water rises to the top. Gently stir it again, and cover it again for another day.
4. Different people wait different amount of time, though generally you would know it is ready when it is sour and bubbly on the second day.
5. Just like a regular pancake, use a pan to make Injera. The thinner the pancake is the more enjoyable and close to the Injera you could get in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

If you want to try an already made Injera, check How to order Injera online.

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