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Introduction: How to Make Swarovski Crystal Rings

About: Hi, I am passionate about making crystal rings with Swarovski Crystals, I have a site on them.

Swarovski Crystal Ring -Heart-shaped Crystal Rings

All you need:
23 Czech Crystal Beads or glass beads
30 Swarovski Crystals in 4mm (you can use different colors mixed)
Nylon Thread (fishing line 0,20mm in thickness)
Seed beads to finish or silver beads
2  Zohata needles with big hole
Hypo-cement or glue for knot on the ends

Starting with the base: (Swarovski Crystal Rings picture in step 1)
Cut about 1.5m nylon, add 4 Czech Crystal Beads (glass beads), on the 4th bead weave the 2nd thread also through the 4th bead (both threads cross through bead), then add 1 more bead on each thread, cross through the one in where it says 2, follow diagram below to finish base.

Start the Swarovski Crystal Ring :  (Crystal Ring step 2 picture)
Starting from 8 on the diagram above use thread from the right add a 4mm Swarovski Crystal, a seed bead another 4mm crystal bead, weave through the left side of 7. See picture below. Then add 1 4mm crystal bead cross thread through seed bead add another 4mm crystal and go through blue bead.

On the end is three Czech Beads, add 2 crystal beads, thread back through the blue bead, the next one add one crystal bead, go through 2nd crystal bead of before.

Keep going the next row is just all three 4-crystal flowers like first pink one.
Then final row the three base beads, the one crystal get two threads through it. It is 1 crystal bead threaded through 2nd, then from other end one-crystal bead going through previous 2nd above. (Crystal Rings step 3.jpg)

To finish either use seed beads or silver beads to go around the edges filling in. Go through all beads again to strengthen crystal ring. Make a knot underneath and sew through other beads. (Crystal Ring step 3.jpg)

Swarovski Crystal Rings band:
To make crystal rings band, either use Czech beads (very uncomfortable) I prefer to use seed beads or silver beads to make the band.

Start from the 2nd blue bead on left or right add 2 seed beads on either thread, then 2 seed beads, thread other side through last 2 seed beads as well, carry on until you have the correct length for your band. I normally double back and go through all the beads to strengthen it. Then knot the end and glue the knot, then sew the loose nylon through the rest of the beads.

You can play around with all different colors, mix and match, to get the right effect.

For another one on my four flower rings to follow:

See next page 4-flower Crystal Ring Instructable by roc6

Four Flower Swarovski Crystal Rings
How to make beautiful Swarovski crystal rings, using the crystal beads, Czech as well. It is quite easy to make from scratch; you can do it in three steps. The base is made with Czech beads and the top with Swarovski crystals then the band of the ring. I will explain the three steps, it is so beautiful to wear out - a bit of bling-bling is all you need to set off a nice outfit as an accessory.
• 12 Czech crystal beads 4mm
• 16 Swarvoski crystal 4mm beads
• Seed beads No 8 or Jap beads
• Fishing line thin one 0,20mm

The base is easy to make using the Czech beads in 4mm; you use fly fishing line, which is pretty thin 0,20mm or the thinnest you can get. Then you put 4 Czech crystal beads on a some of the fishing line, the 4th bead you put one thread through the top bead, my popular ring is the one that has the four flowers on, so you need 12 Czech crystal beads to do it, so add 3 more onto the 4 you have done, this time make sure the one where both threads go through is on the right or the left, I am left-handed so you will have to see. Then add another three Czech beads on put threads through bottom now, so it goes down taking the form of a square, put thread through the one from the original one you started, add the last two crystal beads.
Now on to the four flowers using Swarovski crystals, you can probably use Czech Crystals on top as well, up to you entirely. You should have 2 threads coming from either end of the Czech bead. You will need 16 Swarovski crystal beads in 4mm, whatever colors you decide to use. Thread one crystal on thread a small seed bead size 8 or Jap bead, then another 4mm crystal, put the thread through the bottom Czech bead opposite side to top end. Now take another crystal on to the remaining thread put the thread through the small seed bead then add another crystal put the thread through the other end. Keep going until you have 4 flowers; make sure you go through the seed bead in the same direction for all four. Finish off by putting seed beads between the Czech beads on the sides, then finish off with a double know or doctors knot, put a dash of glue or nail varnish, sew away the remaining threads through the beads so none showing.
You can make the band using the seed beads I normally make a double row band or whatever is easiest.

For more on my lovely Swarovski Crystal Rings  to make or to buy click the link on the left.

Step 1: Starting With the Base of Swarovski Crystal Rings

Base of Swarovski Crystal Rings (Step 1)
1. Thread 2 needles with nylon, adding 3 of the Czech beads, add the 4th bead to one of the threads, then cross other needle through it as well. It should look like 4 beads, like a miniature square.
2. Add 1 Czech bead on a needle picture below top left bead, then add another bead the bottom of the three cross through  with the other needle, making sure threads come out bottom of the three on either end..
3. Next is the middle row with 3 flowers in a row, making up 4 beads in each.
4. Last row has 2 lots of 4 beads then the same as top left of first picture, the 3 beads, add 2 beads then cross through the 3 bead.

Step 2: Starting the Top Swarovski Crystal Rings

Top of  Swarovski Crystal Rings
1. Start with 2 needles with thread threaded through both. On thread from top left side of square add 1 Swarovski Crystal Bead plus a seed bead, add 1 more crystal, threading from left side to right side of first little square, going through right of the bottom base Czech bead.
2. Take other needle from right side of square add 1 Swarovski Crystal Bead color go through seed bead (of step 1), add the second bead, now go through left side Czech bead on base.
3. Following this pattern complete 2 flowers. Then for the end one of 3 beads, add 1 crystal bead each on the needle, then add one silver crystal like picture below, the opposite needle needs to thread through it as well, go through Czech beads underneath, opposite ones for each needle, you can see nylon coming through below.
4. Do the next row of 3 4flowers, then the last row which is like the 1st row just the opposite way around with the 3 beads being on the right hand side here. I would sew through all the crystals again, strengthening top crystals.
5. Knot the 2 threads together in centre of base of Czech beads, underneath, add a dollop of cement/glue. Tidy up by sewing threads into base.

Step 3: Finishing Heart-shaped Crystal Rings

Finishing off the Swarovski Crystal Ring
To finish either use seed beads or silver beads to go around the edges filling in. Go through all beads again to strengthen crystal ring. Make a knot underneath and sew through other beads. (Crystal Ring back view)

Step 4: How the Heart-shaped Swarovski Crystal Rings Looks Finished

Swarovski Crystal Rings band
To do the band, using either the seed beads or silver beads, feed 2 beads on either end of thread, then another 2 beads and go through them, carry on until you have the right length, with the silver beads, I did 6 links plus the  2 beads on either side of Czech bead.
This is the finished product, enjoy making your Swarovski Crystal Rings  wow everyone with your creativity, shining in this beautiful ring.

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