How to End Your Mosquito Problems - Make a $1 Mosquito Bag Fan Trap




Introduction: How to End Your Mosquito Problems - Make a $1 Mosquito Bag Fan Trap

This video show how to make a mosquito bag without sewing that will fit on any 20 inch fan and will capture mosquitos in your house or oputside in your kennel or barn to elimnate mosquitos from bothering your animals.



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    Do you think this will ever work? Lets be practicle and make something which works without sitting next to a fan

    The mutant mosquitoes are the most recent weapon in a fight against Malaria its a scientist resarch says

    I'd buy a fan like that for $1. Sadly, the electricity cost alone is much greater than that.

    The picture is of a Aedes Aegypti mosquito .. Theses are container breeders .. Empty all you containers holding water , bird baths , tires , flower pot bottoms , ect .. No standing water = no Mosquitos , problem solved

    This is a great idea. I have one suggestion to improve your mosquito collecting success: Use a second fan to blow air into the front of your mosquito trap. This targets mosquitoes that pass between the fans. The "blower" can be on one side of the room, and the "sucker" (trap) can be on the other side of the room.
    You can sit in the middle of the fans for a cooling mosquito free zone.

    A non sew improvement would be to add magnatic strip with adhesive or a glug gun just add 4 strips to the fan and fold the netting on the cornerstack with a glue gun to make it look all neat.
    Really good idea. Could work easily in hospitals and orphanages overseas. Thanks for posting.

    I am trying to understand. I am assuming then that the mosquitos will fly around long enough to be sucked into the fan and then spit into the bag? Most mosquitos I have around me all stay low under the bed or lower cabinets or desks and seem to hover around there. It seems as though there needs to be some lurer/bait to make them want to come around to in back of my fan. We live in Nicaragua and always have fans running, but mosquitos always get us. So during the night all of our mosquitos are going in and through and out of our fans nightly, it's just we never "catch" them?

    thanks for your great idea : )
    just wanted to add, I've heard, that the mosquitoes are also attracted to UV light, things with color black and something smelling like sweat socks :D.
    To further refine might be added with UV fluorescent lamps or UV LED lamps, & paint it your fan with black color. CMIIW : )

    I might offer one constructive criticism... you are back-lit through the whole vid and it makes it hard to see your invention. JFYI

    Great Idea and great Instructable!

    Wow! What a smart Idea. I'll bet this works on gnats too! I gotta make some of these: One for mosquitos, and one for gnats that try to raid my worm bin! Hooray, You are a genius. and Your ebay page on this product looks great, BTW!! thank you for sharing your idea.

    I'm excited about trying an altered version of this--I do sew, so I sewed elastic (recycled from underwear that was really done anyway) around a circle of tulle-like fabric that I already had to fit around a round (Patton style) fan that I already had. My only reservation is that the "bag" isn't very deep (only a couple of inches). Do you think that the fan should stay on "high" or is "low" enough? What about overheating/electric fire problems?

    I really hope this works and my cat has a mosquito-free area of the back porch to hang out in. Her ears are bitten up!

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    Hi Noami,

    I would leave the fan on high and I don't see any fire hazards, the fabric is not near any part that can heat up, etc, I do think you want a little depth, don't make it too shallow.

    I sell a very nice sewed version in my ebay store

    and they work great, hope you get one made or buy one for your cat soon.

    regards, robb