How to Make a Batman's "Scarecrow" Costume

Introduction: How to Make a Batman's "Scarecrow" Costume

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*For this particular costume, we wanted to infuse several aspects of different scarecrow costumes. We wanted the practicality of wearing street clothes, but with some key aspects of scarecrow flair.

*Batman begin’s jonathan crane (dress clothes and mask).

*Arkham Asylum’s scarecrow (needle hand with fear toxin apparatus)

*Aspects from the comic variation (mask, scythe, noose, hat)

Materials needed:

-black shoes

-black pants

-black pea coat

-pvc pipe



-brown fabric

-4 brass fasteners  (stationary section)

-PVC adapters

-clear bendable twist ties (i found mine from a toy box)

-aquarium tubing

-two different highlighters


-metal electrical  socket outlet cover

-pipe clamps (home depot (50 cents each)

-2 plastic tubes with caps (i had some lying around that were containers for mighty putty)

-unused clean plastic syringes (friend’s mom is a nurse)


-brown gloves

-brown fabric

-different brown threads

-dark brown fabric

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Step 1: Clothes + Scythe

Put on all the regular clothes (shoes, pants, coat, gloves)

Scythe (Image 1 + image 2)
For the blade, get 4 pieces of cardboard and cut out a blade shape . Carve two grooves in the cardboard about 1 1/2 inches deep so that 2 pieces of 3 inch PVC can slide in. (Pic A).. bondo the entire cardboard blade.

(Image 3 + Image 4)
For your handle, take your PVC pipe and cut it into 2 long pieces ( approx 2.5 ft each).. connect them with a T pvc connecter. and then add a 5 inch piece of PVC on the last side for your handle. you can cap it off with a PVC cap.

Attach the blade to the handle by putting a piece of pvc in between a T pvc adapter and a L curved pvc adapter. (pic B) connect the pieces together, paint it brown, and wrap some long raggedy straps of brown fabric around it.

Step 2: Fear Toxin Wrist Harness

Fear toxin- take two different colored highlighters apart and get the tube inside that contains the dye. Take the dye tube and mix it with some water, causing the water to become the color of the highlighter. i used orange and green myself. From there, pour each mixture in a separate tube. cap them and make sure they don’t leak. I took some hot glue and glued mine shut.

(Image 1)
-take your outlet socket cover and bend it length wise so that it will curve around your wrist. (pic C)
- Take a drill and drill a hole in each of the 4 corners of the outlet cover as well. if you use a low enough setting, the drill bit will go through. (pic D)

(Image 2)
- next, sew 4 velcro straps attached to each sider.
-Now, grab your brass fasteners and pop them through the bottom (pic e).

(Image 3 + Image 4)
-Take your pipe clamps and attach them to the wrist harness by “opening” the bras fasteners (pic F) Stick your “fear toxin” tubes inside either side.

Step 3: Needle Hand + Noose

Needle Hand (Image 1)

Take your syringes and use the tip of your hot glue gun to poke holes at the very bottom of each. Attach your aquarium tubing inside the hole with hot glue. Put on the glove itself and glue each syringe onto your finger tip. Use some tape and secure each aquarium tube around your finger. Lastly, cut your twisty ties into about 3 inches long and hot glue them to the ends of the syringes. (pic G)

Noose(Image 2)

I just found a link on how to make a noose.

Step 4: Mask + Dickies

Mask (Image 1)
For the dickie, cut a piece of brown cloth so that it will cover your chest area. cut a slit in the middle so you can slip your head through it. (Pic H)

Dickie (Image 2)
Take the same brown fabric as the dickie and sew a tube shape (PIC I). The mask does not need to be perfectly symmetrical, as it adds to the character.Then sew one end of it.. (PIC J) .Cut out two eye holes, and then start making it look weathered. I used a cheese grader and continually scrubbed the mask AND the dickie to give them a kind of torn, old look. Take your various brown threads and sew it on the mask in various way. i weaved a mouth and sewed one of the eyes shut on this costume. The more different textures and colors of dark thread, the creepier it should look. this costume is good for people who wear glasses, as the mask is able to cover them up.

(Image 3)
put the mask on, then the dickie, and then the noose to accent your neck.

Step 5: Hat

For the rim, use a piece of cardboard and cut out an “O” to fit your head. it does not have to be perfect, as imperfections add character (Pic K).. cover the entire thing with your DARK brown fabric. Sew a cone with the dark brown fabric (pic L) and glue it onto the rim. Lastly, take some rope from your noose and wrap it a few times around the base of the cone (pic M)

Step 6: Finished

Put it all together, and you got a scarecrow costume. Now go scare some kids. muhahahaha

If you would like to check out more current art projects outside of Instructables, check out Spicy Panda Creations on Facebook.

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    6 years ago

    I am doing the sinestro corps scarecrow from ur other project and what exact fabric did u use


    6 years ago

    Thanks! The eyes lit up orange as well. I made it all from pretty much scrap. I was going to do an 'ible on it, but I did not take enough pictures.


    6 years ago

    Here is a similar costume I did for Halloween last year.i used el wire in the tubes, for the needle set up.

    13, 7:30 PM.jpg13, 7:30 PM.jpg

    6 years ago on Introduction

    You would scare the tar out of me if I saw you in this costume! LOVE the fear-gas fingers, great out of the box thinking on how to make needles!


    6 years ago

    Ok thank you for this great tutorial, not a lot of people show how to make the fear-gas fingers.


    6 years ago

    Could we instead make the mask out of burlap and twine for a more stereotypical look?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I think so! We were just not accessible to those materials, but go for it. My only concern is that maybe the burlap might be itchy? But that would be a preference call. =)