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In this instructible I'm going to be showing you how to make a dollar BAND ring. A band ring is, contrary to first impressions of the name, not a ring for band geeks, but simply a ring in and of itself. (No gems!) So far all the other dollar rings I've seen have a little dollar "gem" on top, and that's cool and all but I wanted something, well, less feminine.

Plus they don't really fit big fingers.

Anyways I figured this out on my own a while back and now I want to share the love =P
This is my first instructable so I hope it's not to bad. hahaha

Step 1: What You'll Need

What You'll Need. Pretty straight forward if you ask me, hahahaha

1) One Dollar.
2) Your hands.

If you don't have hands I really can't help you, Sorry. =P

Step 2: The 1st Fold

Flip the bill so George's portrait is face up, start at the bottom and make a fold length-wise to just above his upper lip, the sweet spot is his mustache area between his upper lip and nose. The fold here will determine the positioning of the finished product, but we'll get more into that later =P

Step 3: Fold Number 2

Take the first fold and fold it onto itself, it should look something like the photo above

Step 4: Fold the Top Strip

At the top of the bill you'll see a small white border lining the top of the bill, fold it at the tiny black strip above the "federal reserve" bit, and if done right, it should perfectly cover the little black line. The reason you're doing this is because if you don't, when you finish the ring the little strip you folded would stick out at the bottom, and it looks tacky =P

Step 5: Making a Choice and Adjustment

At this point you should have a strip of dollar about 1/2" wide, flip it over and you'll be able to see what you're ring will pretty much look like when it's done. if you want to make adjustment on how it will look in the end, (see picture 2 for example) you can make adjustments here. Pretty much the size of you first fold will move the positioning of your picture on the final product, at this point you can play around with it until you get it looking the way you want =P  Once you've made your adjustments make sure to open the top fold.

NOTE: When the ring is completed you will only be able to see ONE of the two choices, the pyramid, or the Eagle. From this point on I will be doing the pyramid but the instructions are just the same for the Eagle.

Step 6: Fitting the Ring

Take the opposite side of your choice and wrap that around the base of your finger, (so if your choice is the pyramid, wrap the eagle, and if it's the eagle, wrap the pyramid) make sure you wrap it well but not too tight-  your finger should be able to slide out fairly easily. This is because the ring will be a little tighter when finished.

Step 7: Rolling the Ring

Slide the roll off your finger. At this point you should be holding a little loop together with your thumb and index finger, flip the ring over so the loop is on top and the unrolled portion is underneath, take the corner of the inside roll and tuck it under the folds you made in steps two and three, continue rolling and tucking it under the flap until you have a solid ring, one end will be closed and the other open.

Step 8: Completing the Ring

Now you should have a ring about 1" tall with a closed, tucked end, and an open, non-tucked end. Find where the ring begins (the edge of the bill)  and start folding the non-tucked side into the center of the ring, You'll get to a final "point" to be folded in and at this point just push it, along with all the rest, into the ring. don't worry about folding it in too deep because the folds you made earlier will provide natural resistance, you'll know when to stop.

Step 9: Smoothing Out the Kinks

when you push the flaps through you'll have the basic ring shape but it will have little points around the edges and will be uneven. Use you finger and thumb to push and pull the dollar into a more uniform shape, making the width even and taking out the little points the paper naturally makes

Step 10: DONE!!

Your Done! Go wear your bling and impress all your friends =P

PS: This CAN be done with any denomination but I used the $1 dollar cause I think it looks the coolest...aaand I have no money. Haha.

PPS: If you make a bling pic w/ $100 dollar bills on each finger, send me a pic, cause I want to see that.

PPPS: If you have ANY pics you want to show, I'd like to see those too.

FINAL THOUGHT: If you had a problem understanding my directions and have an idea on how I can make them better, please let me know =P

FINAL THOUGHT PS: ......I lost the game. Bye! =D



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3 years ago

always wanted to learn that since a old man gave me one 35 yrs ago.


3 years ago

why the frick would you have a $1 note!!!!! just have $1 coins, they're way better but nice instructable anyway



I really like how you got the eagle/pyramid centered on the ring.


5 years ago

Awesome $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


7 years ago on Step 10

did this with a five ound note without the final inward folding , wear it with the queen staring at people from my middle finger XD i dont even live in england XD

I remember doing this stuff when i was 5th grader, that's about 16 years ago. But i'm doing it differently (can't remember how tho)


7 years ago on Step 10

heh heh only 3 are honest... i lost the game


7 years ago on Step 9

Here's my attempt with a Canadian $20. Thanks for the instructions

Canadian 20 ring.JPG
1 reply

Reply 7 years ago on Step 9

Thats so cool lol, your bills are really colorful haha =P

Glad you liked them. =D


7 years ago on Step 9

Thank you so much for the dollar bill ring instruction. I made a ring for my son for his graduation......such a unique thing to give someone you love... thank you again.!!!! :-}

1 reply