How to Make a Frozen Gel Pack (Ice Pack)




Introduction: How to Make a Frozen Gel Pack (Ice Pack)

In this Quick Tip Video I show how to make a frozen gel pack. You can use these for aches and pains after exercising or pretty much anything. You could also use them to keep food cold if you need.

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    Be sure to put a piece of cloth between the pack and your skin. I made one exactly like this and put it on my knee for only seven minutes. It felt colder than a commercial gel pack (better heat conductor?) and when I took it off, I had superficial frostbite: the skin was as stiff as cardboard. That was 5 days ago and it's still painful: please be careful!

    is this gel the same as the one used in ice cream canister of ice cream maker

    Would this work with vodka or other drinkable alcohol? Adjusting the ratios to account for the proof, of course (70% alcohol=140 proof).

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    Why would you waste good alcohol? Isopropyl is way cheaper. Go buy a bottle cheapskate!