How to Make a Minecraft Castle




In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a Minecraft castle.

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Step 1: Towers

Make a 6x6 square using cobblestone. The floor will be made of stone. Build up so the tower is 16 blocks tall. Put in floors for each story so that you have 4 stories. Each room should be 3 blocks high. Use ladders to transport through the tower. Then, add another square of cobblestone on top and put a layer of seperate cobblestone blocks. Each corner should have 1 block and in the middle of them should have two blocks as shown.

Step 2: Walls

Make 3 more towers so that they form a square. Each tower should be 26 blocks apart.
Then, make walls connecting to each tower so that you have an empty space in the middle. The walls should be 15 blocks tall. Make a walkway on top of the walls below the top block. Each walkway should have stairs leading down to the top room of each tower. Doors are optional.

Step 3: Interior

Now, make the interior of your castle. The floor should be stone. 7 blocks coming out of the side walls should be a 10 block high cobblestone wall. Make 10 block tall 2x2 pillars using stone bricks with stone stairs on each side at the bottom (put glowstone on the corners). Make 8 pillars (4 on each side starting with the pillar closest to the back wall that's two blocks away from it) that are two blocks apart. Add some carpet that leads to the throne. After this, put oak wood coming out of the top two blocks on each pillar. The wood should connect all the pillars horizontally and vertically and connect with all the walls. At the top of the side walls should be windows.

Step 4: Roof

On top of the pillars build the cobblestone roof. In between the oak wood squares on the ceiling should be windows.

Step 5: Rooms

Finally, make the rooms. Put a dining room open to the main room on one side of the castle. On the other side put bedrooms,a kitchen, and any other rooms you want. Be sure to leave space for rooms above them where the walls' windows are. In a corner of the castle put an opening to a set of stairs where you can access the upstairs rooms. Lower tower room walls may be opened for better access to the castle. The tower rooms may be made into anything such as the guards' bedrooms.

Step 6: Exterior

Decorate the exterior of the castle any way you want. Put windows on the towers so the castle feels more open. The top of the roof may also be made into things as long as you don't cover up the windows. Thanks for viewing this Instructable and be sure to follow me for more!

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19 Discussions


Question 7 weeks ago on Step 3

Do we start at the bottom of the floor or what?


3 months ago

I am confused on building the interior. Would someone be able to break it down even further for me? Thanks


Question 1 year ago on Step 2

I don"t understand what it means by each walkway should have stairs leading down to the first room of every tower.

1 answer

Answer 4 months ago

So you can have a way to get in. To the towers I did not get it at Frist but if you looked at it closely you would see it


4 months ago

Think you I was a new be but you helped me learn how to build


Reply 4 years ago

It only took me 5 minuts its really easy


2 years ago

I'm new to minecraft (about a month), but my nine year old daughter is a veteran and always kicks my butt in building. I wanted to create a medieval world with castles, villages, etc but didn't know where to start. TA DA...I stumble upon your castle and her and I fell in love. I say boo to those who say it's too simple, easy, etc. The only "easy" part was how well you did the instructions. Your castle gave me the tools and knowledge that a newbie like me needed. My daughter and I had a blast and a big thanks to you for posting this! I bet you've built some other amazing things and I'd love to see them!

1 reply

Reply 4 months ago

I am a new be to my cousins said I could not build at all but I did prove them wrong