How to Make a Panorama Picture (Photomojo Entry)


Introduction: How to Make a Panorama Picture (Photomojo Entry)

This will show you how you can make a panorama yourself. You will need:

- Your camera
- Autostitch, this is a program which will make your pictures into a panorama. It is a demo version, which works great, but if you want a better version, you could download Autopano, it's a program which you could download for 99 euros, that's around $145.

By the way, sorry for my English, I'm from Holland and I'm not really great with this language :)

Step 1: Make the Pictures

First you will need pictures to panoramize (Great word, isn't it?). Make the pictures all from the same place. It doesn't matter in which order, the program will sort this out later. The pictures may overlap.

Step 2: Using Autostitch

1. Start the application.
2. File>Open>Go to the map in which the pictures are.
3. Select them all.
4. Open.

Then the program will set them in order and that sort of stuff. In the end it will let you see your Panorama Picture!



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    8 Discussions

    stealing software is bad and illegal........ i just checked on mininova and they have a torrent for autopano pro 1

    4 replies

    Or you can download hugin/libpano/autopano-sift/enblend for free (as in speech)...

    Oh all right, I'm not really good in sarcasm in English, and I did never heard of mininova :-)

    Great Instructable! I always wondered how they do it.

    hey peter i have a question you probably remember my backyard, well imade a panorama of it for some sort of vr thingy now the problem: its all f*cked up at my house anything to modify this? i also wanna note (no offence) you cant just copy images without permission of the owner

    thats awesome you must have 50 + frames in that one panorama. i made one of these by taking photos of a 360 degree rotation of my backyard, and it looks awesome. ( plus it makes it look like i have a huge backyard) good job