How to Make a Piggy Bank.

Introduction: How to Make a Piggy Bank.

This is a tutorial on how to make a piggy bank.

Theres the STL files!!

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Step 1: Tools You Will Need

The items you will need for this project.
-A little bit of time
-3d printer

Step 2: Making the Body

First you will need to choose the top plane.

Then make a rectangle about 5.35in long.

After that you will need to extract it to be 2.62in thick.

Go to the front of the pig body, and make 2 rectangles. Then extrude them.

Then click on the inside of the rectangle, and make a little rectangle on the inside of both of them so you can slide the head in.

If you want you can make half of the rectangles in the front to stick out, to make it look like ears.

Step 3: Making the Front Whole

Then go to the front again, and make a square, and then extrude cut it.

Step 4: Making the Legs

Now go to the bottom of the pig, and make a rectangle in each corner, make sure they are the same size.

Then extrude those legs, dont make them to long.

Step 5: Making a Hole for the Tail

Now this part is REALLY complex, you have to go to the back of the pig and make a square or rectangle and extrude cut.

Step 6: Making a Slot to Insert the Money

You will need to go to the top of the pig and make a rectangle, dont make it to small or to skinny, other wise you wont beable to fit anything into it.

Extrude cut it then, cut it until you can see the inside of the pig.

Step 7: Time to Move Onto the Pig Head!!!

Just make a square the put 1 rectangle on each side of the square, make sure its the right size so the pig head can slide right into the front.

Step 8: Eyes and Nose

next just make two little squares for the eyes, then make a rectangle/box for the nose, then make two little rectangles inside the pigs nose. then extrude the eyes and nose.

Step 9: Making the Tail

Make a square, that will be able to slide into the hole on the body of the pig.

Then on the other side of that you will make another square but bigger, this part will be on the outside of the pig.

Then make a small square in front of the one you just made.

Step 10: Now You Are Done

Warning: The body of the piggy bank might be to big, you might have to split the top half of the body, and make little squares on each corner on the top piece and on the bottom piece, make square holes. So the top part can be snapped together. Maybe do the legs by themselves also. You can use the same idea from the body, how it can snap together.

Step 11: !!DOWNLOAD!!

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    Theres the STL files


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