How to Make a Valentine Out of Bicycle Chain





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Step 1: In This Instructables

In this instructable we will make a heart from a bicycle chain.
You can get used chain and a chain tool from your local
bike shop.

Step 2: Supplies

Bicycle chain -clean and free of grease,
Chain Tool,
Super glue

Step 3: Remove Pin From Chain

You are going to need 5 complete links and one inter link. When the chain is taken apart at one
end you will have the outer link (side plates) and at the other end the inter link (the rollers).
place the chain in the chain tool and remove the pin.

Be carefull to go slow and do not push pin all the way out.
You just want to clear the inside link.
You may have to flex the chain to make it come apart.
If you push the pin all the way out of both links you cannot get it back in.

Step 4: Resassemble Chain

Now put the 5 links together and put them back in the
chain tool and push the pin thru to connect the links.

Step 5: Form Heart

Ok, now the last step.
Form your chain into a shape of a heart and
after you have the shape you want, place
super glue on the joints and the chain will keep
its shape.


If you where not able to find red chain, you can just paint
it. You could also make several of these and hang them
from one of  the gears off a crankset, and you would have a
cool wind chime.


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    No,  the chain was red when I got it from my bike shop.
    But I did make another and it was scratched so I pained it red and then
    oversprayed it with a glitter paint and it turned out better looking then this one.

    Thanks, I just joined this web site, I hope this was the kind of thing people
    are looking for and can expand on.