How to Make a Valentines Day Origami Duck!

Introduction: How to Make a Valentines Day Origami Duck!

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In this instructable I will teach you how to make a Origami duck for valentines day! Its simple and easy to learn! there also fun for all ages!!     

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Step 1: Materials


*1 piece of 8.5x11" paper (printer paper)

Step 2: How to Make!

*take the paper and fold it in half the long way

*unfold the paper 

*fold the sides inwards to the creases like your making a airplane

*flip it over and fold it in the same way as above but do this twice

* take the tail of the part you just folded and fold that about half way in 

*take the tail and fold it halfway back

*fold the whole duck in half 

*pull the neck all the way up and fold it 

*pull the head up and fold it

and there you go you have a simple duck thats perfect for all occasions please vote for me!! 

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