How to Make a Awsome Match Rocket




here I will show you how to make a great match rocket-this is my first instructable

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Step 1: Equipment

you will need
clippers (I used games workshop clippers)
a lighter or match to light the rocket with
PVA glue
tin foil
some paper
a pencil
a bowl
a battery
your hands!

Step 2: Match Crushing

now to get about fifty matches
to crush them grasp one with your clippers
right on the match head
and use the clipper to crush the match head
then the match powder should fall into the bowl
do this to all of your match heads

Step 3: Finishing Off With the Powder

ta da!
now get your battery
and use it as a roller to crush the powder up
your done for now

Step 4: Making the Rocket

now get the foil and the battery
and put the battery like this
then start to roll the foil up
about 8 rolls should do it
chop the rest off
chop off the exess on the top and bottom
then twist the top
then twist to keep it nice and tight
then pull the battery out
until it is fully out
the rocket will still be hollow inside

Step 5: Pouring

get the excess foil and fold it in half to get a crease
next pour the powder into it
there we go!
now pour the powder into the rocket
there we go!

Step 6: Making the Nozzle

get the pencil
then push it to the match powder so it just touches it
then twist the foil around the pencil
finally pull the pencil out
the rocket is still hollow and you can still see the match powder

Step 7: Making the Fuse

next you will need to crush about 15 match heads the same way you did before
get some paper
cut a small strip of paper
get the PVA glue
and smear it on the paper
sprinkle the match powder on wait for it to dry
you can always use some visco instead

Step 8: Finishing Off

get the fuse and push it into the nozzle
push it right in there until it touches the match powder
there will only be a little fuse sticking out the back
you are done!

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    27 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 4

    The commenter below me is right. I would recommend using a chap-stick case, a small wooden dowel, or a pencil instead. If you must use the battery put electrical tape over the positive terminal.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    if you touch both terminals of the battery to the foil, it will short out and heat up. It can overheat and explode!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This instructable makes match rockets so complicated... and dangerous. I think ill just stick to my match rockets


    11 years ago on Step 2

    This is an extreamly dangerous process because one of the matches could spark and ignite the contents in the bowl which will flash and burn almost instantly. The more material in the bowl the bigger the flash and the greater the chanch you WILL GET BURNED!!! If you attempt to do this please do it in a free standing structure at least ten feet away from any other structure. Also make sure they structure is made of fire resistant material(metal or concrete) also avoid having combustable material in or near the structure where you do this.

    9 replies

    not enough friction in the process to produce that amount of heat. and matches can't "spark". a spark is from electricity. no electricity involved.


    just dont use strike anywhere and ull b fine! if it goes off its in a fire resistant bowl isn't it? ive had match powder go off all the time its not that big of a flash. lol but stay safe and use adult supervision

    i m legend

    11 years ago on Introduction

    hey do u know how to make an explosive out of thinner of synthetic enamle th111.