How to Make a Child Skunk Costume




Introduction: How to Make a Child Skunk Costume

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My wife made this for our son last Halloween when he was just under two years old. We wanted something that would be easy to make, keep him warm and be easy for him to wear around. Our only goof up was that we made the stripe wrong- and sewed the tail on upside down! Of course I fixed that for the instructions. :)

Step 1: Materials

You'll need a black hooded sweatshirt (preferably with a zipper- makes it easier) and pants, some white fabric, some polyfill for the tail and some velcro. You'll also need some matching black fabric to make the tail.

Step 2: Make the Front and Back

Make the front of the costume by cutting out a large section of white fabric and sewing it onto the front of the sweatshirt. Only sew it on one side- the other side will be attached with velcro (sew this on where the "x" spots are) so it's easy to get to the sweatshirt zipper.

Make the back by cutting out the skunk stripe from white fabric and sewing it onto the sweatshirt, starting at the hood and finishing at the base of the back.

Step 3: Make the Tail

Make the tail by cutting out two identical pieces of black fabric. Now cut out the white stripe and sew it onto one of the pieces of black fabric. Then sew the two halves of the tail together and fill them with the polyfill stuffing and sew up the base of the tail. Sew the base of the tail onto the sweatshirt, lining up the stripes. Make sure the stripes of the tail are facing up (we actually screwed this up!) Our tail was a bit too heavy so we ended up attaching it to the back of the sweatshirt with a safety pin so it wouldn't drag on the ground.

Now draw some whiskers on your youngster and you're ready to go trick or treating!



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    Yep- it was sewed on reverse! It also needs a bend in it- maybe a curved section of wire at the end of the tail would do the trick.

    Very cute indeed. Some parents wouldn't even bother taking the time to make their children costumes, you and your wife should be proud. Aristotle.......

    3 replies

    Oh, Rocketeer, now that would be a hard one to do, but I'm sure you'd be able to pull it off. Muppets, however, I can relate, there could be some wonderful creations there. Last years costume in your link, looks fantastic too. As I said, you should be proud, commended and not harassed :-) Cheers, K

    I've got it all drawn up on how I would do it. :P The trick is to keep the cost down and make it comfortable for him to wear. The helmet is really the hard part.... Muppets would be great too- if he's happy, I'm happy. Thanks again!


    11 years ago

    So freakin' cute, I can't even stand it. We need a separate area for halloween costumes... it's that time of year. I think it's too late for us, and our 2 year old (we went with "Hobo" for him) but I'm definitely inspired for next year!

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    Simple, adorable, and homemade. I love it! Great idea.

    1 reply

    It is never too late for us!!! Ive been looking for ideas on a how to Skunk costume!!!! it seems that every costume shop has any animal costume BUT the skunk. this will definetely help me next year. Great Post HONUS!!!!

    Awwwws. . . Maybe I shud make 1 =P

    when your kid gets older, say teenage, you should make another larger one but include stinkbombs, Im sure his friends would find it hilarious!

    Very nice and dont mak fun of the kid if he likes it than its good


    11 years ago

    Glad you guys like it! The photos were taken at the Munchkin Masquerade, where a couple thousand kids go up and down an outdoor mall and collect candy from all the stores. The store where I work is on the mall and every year we see tons of great costumes. This was my son's first time there- at first it was a bit overwhelming for him but by the end of the day he was REALLY liking Halloween. I'm sure it'll be even better this year!

    poor thing, he looks p!$$3|> ,still cute tho' any way this is a great project with a good idea and everything