How to Make a Clone in 6 Easy Steps




This instructable is for those who want a child of their own but dont have a partner.

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Step 1: Materials

Before beginning the cloneprocess, you need to have these materials:
- Human cells,from the individual who will be cloned.
- Media in which these human cells will grow and divide.
(breeding oven)
- Media in which cells will stop dividing, and enter a state
of "quiescence" without dying.(freezer)
- Laboratory supplies: Incubator, Sterile Hood, petri dishes,
microscopes, and tools capable of removing and implanting
cellular organelles,from one cell to another.
- Unfertilized human egg cells.
- Media in which the fertilized eggs can grow and divide.

Step 2: Commence Cloning!

This first step is easy: You only need to grow the cells until you have the amount you want.

The second step isn't hard either: Transfer the cells to the freezer. This should allow the cells to live, but they should stop dividing and enter quiescence.

The third step is a hard one for the unexperienced cloner: When the cultured cells are in the quiescent state, get an unfertilized human egg cell. Remove the nucleus from this egg cell. Try to minimize damage done to this cell and discard the nucleus, because this has become useless now.

The forth step is a rather difficult one too:
Take one of the quiescent cells in it's entirely, and implant it inside the coat around the egg (known as the zona pellucida, if you really want to know) next to the egg itself.

The fifth step isn't as hard as step 3 or 4: Electroshock the egg. The electroshock induces the fusion of the two cells, so you should be able to tell when you've electroshocked enough just by looking at the cells.

The sixth (and last)step: Repeat the last three steps as necessary until you have enough clones. Expect a lot of them not to survive because of cellular damage and other mishaps. Allow the embryos to grow and divide a few times in Human Egg Cell growth media. Now implant the embryos in human mothers where they can be carried to term, and born normally. After a few months (approximately 9) you have your own child :)

Step 3: Legal Stuff

Cloning is illegal in the following countries:
*All of the European Union
*the UN is against cloning, but doesn't force their members to
abolish it
So it is not allowed to make a real clone (which renders this Instructable useless XD).
When you really want a child, I suggest you find yourself a wife/man and do it the traditional way (which I personally find to be more fun:P)

This instructable is made for entertainment only, please don't try this at home.

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    How do you do that? I'm stuck on all of it


    Question 5 months ago on Step 1

    What's a breeding oven? How do you get unfertilised eggs? And what is the type of media used for the unfertilised eggs?


    1 year ago

    what up with 6 steps there is only 3


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    I did it in ca


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    now thing thing is can we make a person and not a clone


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    Could you clone an adult person?

    The whole point of this was so i could have a child without a female host to carry her...If i had i would just use normal means of conception...And this whole thing is literally impossible to most people as it requires super advanced technology and knowledge of science...HOW THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO REMOVE THE NUCLEUS FROM THE EGG???


    8 years ago on Introduction

    its great that your trieing but what i dont understand is how you got an unfertalized embryo and i have made a design of one but havent got a chance to make it. and you are exajerating about what you have done ............


    8 years ago on Introduction

    quick questing if i got soem sample from dead famous pepole and added brain wash techonlgy could i bring them back from the dead and acserlate the aging process using micro scopic virua innfection just a thought