How to Make a Double Desk Lamp




Introduction: How to Make a Double Desk Lamp

Here you will find how to make a wooden lamp, the prosses is fairly easy and it shouldn't take to long, it won't be very expensive either sinse the only thing that might cost most is the LED-lights.

And afterwards you'll be able to make a nice double desk lamp!

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

I added a few drawings of some variations that you can make, i'll show you how to make the double lamp, but you could make one of the other ones too with the same materials.

What you'll need;

-Wooden slats (12x12 cm)

-Glue for wood


-a saw


(ev. nails)

(ev. milling machine)

Step 2: Making the Structure

You'll find the dimensions on the screenshot from NX.

For the foot of the lamp, I took two slats with the form of a triangle (you can find them in a lot of shops or cut one yourself) and cut of the end on an angle that made them fit, I also made a piece to fit in between them so that I could glue the rest of the lamp on it with the desired angle.
You can glue these together and while you wait for them to dry you could continue with the rest of the lamp.

For the lamp itself I took 3 slats of wood and glued them together. I recomend sawing the wood with the right dimentions in the beginning, that way when the glue has dried all you have to do is make it smooth with the sandpaper.It's usefull to use a vise to keep the slats together. Make sure to clean the glue straight away to avoid stains on the wood.

While this one is drying you can make the middle piece. You need to slats for this, and you just have to cut out a piece from each on the desired point of the slats, you just have to cut untill you're at the middle of the wood to create a good connection. This will determine how big the lamp is. After cutting them right you just have to glue them together.

Now you should wait about 24h for the glue to dry before you finish the whole stucture.

After 24 houres you can use a milling machine to mill out the size of the slats used to provide more support, you could also put a nail on the right spot for more support.

Now all you have to do is use some sand paper for smoothing everything out.

Step 3: Making the Lamp Work

It now depends on what lamp you made, if you made the same one as mine, you have to be able to solder, I used 2 strips for every lamp and then desided how long to make it depending on how long I made the lamp.

In followed the steps from this youtube video I found online.

The LED strips usualy have a stiky side to connect them to the lamp you made.

Now all you have to do is plug in your lamp and you have made a nice looking desk lamp!

Enjoy, I hope you like it!

(Sorry for any mistakes regarding my English ;))

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