How to Make a Kids Halloween Musketeer Costume




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Here's a really simple childrens Halloween costume. My 2 1/2 year old son had a blast wearing it! He kept dropping his sword in his quest for candy.....

Step 1: Materials

You'll need some blue fabric, a small piece of white fabric, a Zorro style hat, some white lace material (about 1" to 1 /12" wide), some plastic and either aluminum tape or silver spary paint. A glue gun or ability to sew is also necessary.

Step 2: Making the Tabard

This is about as easy as it gets- just cut the tabard out from one long piece of blue fabric. At the neck hole the overall width should be equal to the child's shoulders and then it should taper to slightly wider than their legs at the bottom. If you can't find one piece of fabric then just sew it together (or use a glue gun) at the shoulders.

Now cut out the shoulder covers- they should go about half way down the child's arm. Then sew or glue them to the tabard.

The cross is then cut out from some white cloth and is either glued or sewn to the front of the tabard.

Now run the white lace material around the border of the tabard and shoulder covers and either glue it or sew it on.

Step 3: Make the Hat and Sword

The hat was made from a foam Zorro hat we found for $5. I simply glued up one side of the hat with a hot glue gun to get the Musketeer shape.

The sword was cut out from some 1/8" plastic sheet. The sword blade has notches cut into for the handle guard. The guard gets slots cut into it and then it is bent and slid over the sword blade and glued with a glue gun. I covered the sword blade with aluminum tape but silver spray paint would work just as well. I wrapped the handle with electrical tape but it's not really necessary.

That's it! The nice thing about this is that it can be worn over a coat for those cold Halloween nights.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    wow, i had one of these for a play that i was in, these things rock!

    Mr. Deeds

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Awwwwww... it's the littlest musketeer of all! Awesome idea. It's one of the few ways to make your kid look cool without involving some kind of horror theme. Hey, as a follow-up, maybe you could come up with an Altaiir costume from Assassin's Creed.

    2 replies

    11 years ago on Introduction

    A tabard is a very quick idea for a costume. It can be used for everything from Biblical to Ren Faire depending on your fabric's colour, material, and accessories/trim.


    12 years ago

    Wow great costume! It's so elegantly simple. I love it!

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    Thanks! He had a great time trick or treating- last year he didn't quite get it but this year he really got into it! He even said "thank you" to everyone that gave him candy and never got upset when another kid shoved him aside to get in front of him. :)