How to Make a Listening Device




Introduction: How to Make a Listening Device

i will show you how to make a listening device from a walkie talkie.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Things Youll Need:

Set of walkie talkies
Masking tape
Paper clip
Private conversation

Step 2: Buy It

Purchase or acquire two quality walkie talkies

Step 3: Press

Press down the talk button on one of the walkie talkies.

Step 4: Tape It Up!

Place masking tape on the talk button and wrap the tape around the walkie talkie making sure to cover the talk button.

Step 5: Put on the Clip

Lay a small paper clip or another small object on top of the talk button. The masking tape will protect it from being damaged by the paper clip.

Step 6: Keep Wrapping

Continue to wrap the walkie talkie with masking tape, covering the talk button. This will keep the talk button on.

Step 7: Hide It

Hide the walkie talkie with the masking tape around it in a room where you want to spy and listen in on its occupant's conversation.

Step 8: Leave the Room

Go into a separate location when no one can hear your walkie talkie so that you can listen in on the conversation in private.

Step 9: Listen In

Listen to the conversation to your heart's content.



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    31 Discussions

    Cool! I'm gonna make it for baby sitter use.

    Thank you very much for help me to make a listening device from a walkie talkie Thanks a lot LinhTramN for inform me about your site . Really it is very helpful.

    What's the paper clip for ?

    Well you can listen in but until the battery dies i would give it a larger battery to let it last longer

    And lets not forget that when batteries run low the dam walkie-talke lets out a beep ,indicating low your screwed.

    Awesome, thats a really good techneak, whats the paperclip for

    will electrical tape work instead of masking tape but GREAT Instructable and sweet pictures! =)

    Or you can buy 2 cheap tracfones, call one, hide the other one and then you can listen from miles and miles away.  Just hope you dont hit a bad service area.  :)

    am I going to have to flag this as "not nice"? because it doesn't really sound like a compliment.

    hiya, am not a professional HAM radio operator, but one thing i learned with working with radios...if you keep the PTT Push to Talk) depressed for a long time, you could end up burning up your Finals.. am not sure if this goes the same for Family Radio System (FRS)..thanks!!

    ive tried it and i got caught i hid the walkie talkie under a chair and for some reason my two older brothers saw them and made a blag private convo where they said they where going to do a hit on someone so i ran down and said your not gunna do a hit on anyone without me and they said to me you F***ing idiot we sussed it out we saw you walkie talkie under the chair and now im grounded for 3 months my my mum and step dad for ease dropping

    2 replies