How to Make a Rope Swing




Want to set up a rope swing? Don't want to climb up a tree to do it? Then read on.

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

A tree with a branch strong enough to support a person's weight
Twine (it must be as long as the distance from the branch to the ground)
A counter-weight
Plastic tubing (that fits on the rope)

Step 2: Find the Spot

The first step to setting up the swing is finding a tree and a branch that can not only support your weight, but will also give you enough space to swing without hitting anything.

Step 3: Getting Started

Once you have found a suitable tree and branch its time to prepare the rope. On one end of the rope you will want to tie the rope to itself using a BUNTLINE HITCH ( Make sure that your knot is not too close to the end of the rope. To secure the knot and guarantee that it will not come undone tie of the end of the rope with a figure eight.

Step 4: The Other End of the Rope

Next you will want to attach the twine to your counter weight and the end of the rope without any knots.

Step 5: Ready to Throw

Your goal for this step is to throw your counter-weight over the branch of your choosing. Once you have gotten the twine over the branch, grab the counter-weight. Pull on it to make the rope slowly rise to the branch.

Step 6: Securing the Rope to the Branch

Continue to pull on the twine until you have both ends of the rope in your hands. Take the weight and the twine off of the rope. Put the rubber tubing on the end and slide it up the rope a bit. Slip the end of the rope through the buntline hitch tied earlier and pull on the end. Pull until the hitch is all the way to the branch and tug on it to tighten the knot.

Step 7: Making a Seat

Find a log small enough to sit on comfortably, while making sure that it is thick enough to support your weight. When you have accomplished this fasten your seat to the rope using a DOUBLE CONSTRICTOR KNOT (

Step 8: Test Your Swing

Before leaping off of anything with the swing, make sure: all the knots are holding, the seat is centered, there are no obstructions in your path, and that you can get on and off of the swing in a safe way. Sit on the swing without swinging to make sure that it supports your weight and the rope is not slipping at all.

Step 9: Notes

If you plan on using the tree trunk as your takeoff point read the following carefully. DO NOT CLIMB THE TREE ON YOUR KNEES!! Trust your knots and the rope to support you. Hold on to the rope and use it as an aid to walk up the tree to the point you want jump from. You are much more stable on your feet than your knees, you are less likely to accidentally roll to either side and start swinging before you are ready (and possible injure yourself). PUT BOTH FEET NEXT TO EACH OTHER, DO NOT STAGGER THEM!! This ensures that the seat is in the right position and will not slip out from under you mid-swing. PAY ATTENTION AT ALL TIMES!!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there, I used this instructable to make a rope swing for my kids at our camp in the U.P. Thank you for excellent steps and specifying which knots to look up. We had a thicker synthetic rope. The double constrictor knot appeared that it would unravel (somehow?) but I put a figure-8 knot as a stopper knot and that solved it. I also put a figure-8 above the stick a ways for the kids to use as a handhold. All-in-all, this worked great!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You can use a Perfection (Angler's) Loop/Knot for the hand hold. Also, it's probably a lot easier for the rope to slide over the tree when it's not wet, like after a rain... Waiting for the tree and rope to dry so I can finish pulling the knot up to the branch. The rope has also been twisting... Maybe due to the wetness?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is right off of sky line, on kings mountain am i correct?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Slenderman is in my aria at the moment! Not kidding! I guy just came and said his aunt just went missing and as I put my chickens away, I felt a presentce outside and I smelld a very odd smell!

    1 reply

    Slender Man isn't real, he was created by the Something Awful forums. Even better, they predicted that he would eventually be thought of as real:


    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is in santa cruz...or it was.... they cut it down cuz drunk people couldnt hold on


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Forrest ninja attack swing. Absolutely top hole, Jdub.