How to Make a Stencil Using Word.




Introduction: How to Make a Stencil Using Word.

You keep seeing these instructables saying easy stencils using photoshop or using a program to download etc. but this instructable will show you, the geek /nerd, how to create stencils by using microsoft word.

Step 1: Get a Photo.

first you need a photo. then you can copy it or save it. i would personally save it. Data is cool.

Step 2: Open Word.

come on a 3 year old can do this.

Step 3: Put Photo Into Word.

either paste, drop photo, or import photo into word.

Step 4: Change Photo to Black and White

In the picture toolbox click on the color section and scroll and click on black and white. The photo may be too dark or too light so...

Step 5: Play With Buttons

Play with the constrast and the brightness buttons to get the desired photo.

Step 6: Copy and Paste Into Paint

copy and paste into paint. if you don't have paint then use photoshop or a different program where you can resize and save photos as jpegs.

Step 7: Save and Print

save as a jpeg and print.



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    11 years ago

    is there any free good easy to use photoshop program?? i alredy tried GIMP... but its like too complicated or smth. can anyone give me advice??

    1 reply

    Photoshop itself is a professional photography program by Adobe. It's part of a larger suite of programs that cover a vast array of software for various creative computer arts. They're all pretty expensive. For the general user, Photoshop's pretty complex and difficult, and it's many features would be overkill. For "basic" photo software, I use a really great program called FastStone Image Viewer. It's got great features, including basic editing, and even a wallpaper builder. It's available as freeware on I'd check it out.

    looks pretty cool and saves time by just usin word. dbz is cool


    11 years ago

    boring hahahahaha hahahahahah

    basically it is a quick stencil. it doesn't matter. and by the way any idiot can cut it out.

    You only showed how to get a high contrast print from word, not how to make a stencil. I'm guessing that you never even printed it out, much less used it.

    Oh common! Enough with the stencils! This is just wasting drive space! Should I make an Instructable about how to make a stencil with a sheet of paper and pencil?

    Yeah, kinda like just a high contrast pic not a stencil!

    easy stencils using photoshop or using a program to download

    I'd have to download word :P <-- I use openoffice :P

    this is a great way to make a stencil its good to show as many ways to do any thing as we can but...
    you do realize this is the same exact instructable as a posted but using word and a program like photoshop?
    also you don't get edge detection like in photoshop or gimp.