How to Make a Strange Sound Clip




Introduction: How to Make a Strange Sound Clip

Okay so I was mucking around with audacity the other day and decided to make something weird so i recorded various sounds and put em together to get a strange and weird sound clip.

Step 1: Getting Started

Okay for this project you need simply the program Audacity and a microphone if you do not have Audacity you can obtain it here

Step 2: Recording

Okay to start off record a repetitive sound for however long you want your clip to go try it for about 10 seconds to start off so just go like tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick or whatever sound like that you like but try and make it repetitive.

Step 3: Recording Continued

Next click Record again and record another noise still repetitive but a different sound maybe ee oo ee oo ee oo ee oo or something and make it go for 10 seconds as well

Step 4: Finishing

okay now repeat step 3 about 3 more times and then play it back it will sound extremely weird you can also slip subliminal messages in the background if you wish like I put potato in the background when I did itokay now to export it as an mp3 you need to follow this to get an mp3 encoder once done you may click File Export as Mp3 and save it somewhere

Step 5:

This is my strange example see if  you can detect me saying potato

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