How to Make a Virtual Machine of Linux on Windows Using VirtualBox




This video will teach you on how to make a virtual machine for your notebook by using VirtualBox.

Please tell if this video was good or not. :D

By the way, this video was created for the fulfillment of our group's requirements in a computer-related subject. :)

Machine Project in BASICON(Basic Computer Concepts)
Submitted By:
Ellen Chelsea Serrano
Cheekee Ong
Isabella Pua
Karol Paulette Constantino
De La Salle University - Manila



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    An interesting project but it begs a question. Why instal a stable system as a virtual machine on an unstable base? Most Linux versions can run for years without needing to be restarted or rebooted while most Windows based versions struggle to last days or weeks before needing to be rebooted. Just a basic question.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    If I want to run a Linux program in its native environment (not Cygwin) then I can use a virtual computer. No need to find (or buy) hardware. In fact, I have several flavors of Linux on various virtual machines. Another big advantage, is if I have an environment that works I can export it so that others can import it complete. For example, Freescale has Ubuntu images to import that have a complete environment to develop on some of their processors. BTW, your question seems a little snarky. It was hard not to give a snarky answer about the obvious uses. Whoops, I did it anyway.