How to Make a "voodoo Doll" (halloween Decoration)




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This instructable shows you how to make a simple voodoo doll for halloween decorations. It could also be used for magic TRICKS (for halloween themed magic performance) , stress relief(shoot it, punch it, stab it take your anger out on it) , or whatever you wish to use it for. THIS IS NOT a real voodoo doll, so don't expect to be able to kill/hurt anyone with this (Duh! That what guns, and knives are for!)

Step 1: Obtain the Materials

What you will need is ....

2 Sticks ,around six inches. You can use pencils, wooden rods, BUT twigs and branches look the best. (In this case, I'm using pencils.)

Decorative moss. You can purchase these at garden and flower shops, or try looking at the garden center at "Lowes" or "Homedepot" near where the orchids and indoor plants are. You can also find this in crafts stores such as "The Ragshop".

Twine or yarn, but I prefer to use twine for it's natural looking color.

Cloth, you can use any kind of cloth, in this case, I'm using cloth from an old book sock.

Step 2: Making the Skeleton

First, lay the two sticks to make a cross. Make sure that one is slightly elevated from the middle section of the other stick. Then take your yarn or twine and tie them where they intersect to secure them thogether.

Step 3: Adding the Moss

Once you have completed constructing the skeleton, take some moss and wrap it around the skeleton but make sure not to add too much moss to avoid making it too thick. Secure it to the skeleton using more yarn or twine.

Step 4: Dress It Up

Now take your cloth, and simply wrap it around the incomplete doll to make the clothes. I prefer to have a section of moss and sticks protrude from end of the arms to make it's hands.

Step 5: Making the Head

You can make the head out of anything you can think of. In this case I used a peice of ginger which I stuck through the protruding stick. You can also simply use a lump of cloth to make the head. For the face , you can use buttons, thumbtacks,yarn for the hair, or you can even just draw it.

Step 6: Now, You Can Put It in Display!

I prefer to put it around dark places which is then illuminated by candle light. Statues , bizzare objects, and animal/people skulls are great companions!

Step 7: Once Halloween Is Over...

Once halloween is over, you can store it for next year, use it for target practice, or simply burn it just for the heck of it!



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    This COULD be a voodoo doll, there are just a few things you need to change. Add a lock of hair from the person you want to inflict, and write their name on a piece of consecrated paper, with a consecrated pen and bind it to the 'skeleton' of the doll while focusing on the victim.

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    OH and you should do an instructable on how to make that Zip, i really wanna know how


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I thought that zip gun was a Doctor Who prop at first >_<

    garden burger

    10 years ago on Introduction

    creepy! gonna make one now. no peat moss though, oh well i can be resourceful

    today i discovered how a steel pipe that a 12 gauge shotgun shell fits into can be useful in shooting primers with an endcap with a hole drilled in it with a bolt sticking through.
    _/ |

    =pipe and endcap
    +++++= shotshell

    funn stuff. ill get pics when its done.

    Yea, I made shotguns from 3/4" plumbing pipes a few years ago. I just reamed out the lip of the pipe. This year, I discovered a way to make homemade shotgun shells for some of my homemade shotguns in which the firing pin is slightly different.

    ooh, well i have a piece of hydrolic tubing that a .22 shell fits perfectly in, soo im thinking.... if i put washers around it... which i have a buncha washers that fit on snugly... or ill just drill a piece of metal that would fit into the body tubing, plus i could use another piece of that metal for the bolt\striker. i already have a spring lol