How to Make an Electric Eraser

Introduction: How to Make an Electric Eraser

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Hi,I will tell you how to make an electric eraser. It helps you to eraser any pencil writing without moving your Hands. Here is the Working video of the electric eraser

Step 1: Materials

Materials required:-

1. 1.5v DC motor

2. 2 wires

3. mobile charger and it's recieving pin OR you can use a battery and it's holder

4. Sticky Tape

5. Scissors

6. An eraser

7. A Safety pin (big)

8. A handle or a tube

Step 2:

Fix 2 wires to the terminals of the DC motor. Attach the DC motor at one end of the handle/tube and pass the wires through the tube and take out the ends of the wires from the other end of the tube/handle.

Step 3:

Peel off the ends of the wires and attach it to the charger's receiving pin.Or if you are using battery then battery holder

Step 4: Finishing

Make a hole in the eraser and fix it to the axle of the motor.And the electric eraser is ready.

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    6 years ago

    are you an indonesian?
    if that right same with me


    6 years ago on Introduction

    These are super useful for drafting. I used to use one. Have you tried making an electric pencil sharpener?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have two electric erasers, a Charrette, and a Koh-i-noor. They both work the same. What you made is markedly different. The ones I have use a long cylindrical eraser that they hold in a collet that spins. Here is one exactly like one that I have

    They come up for sale in garage sales pretty regularly. I just passed on buying one last weekend in fact. I mean I already have two now. What do I need three for?