How to Make an Origami Corner Heart Bookmark





Introduction: How to Make an Origami Corner Heart Bookmark

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When your short on funds, bookmarks make great gifts.  You can make this cute bookmark with just one sheet of square paper.  Perfect to make as a valentine or just a gift on its own.  You can follow my origami how to below.  The first step is to fold the paper in half on the diagonal.  Then make a "water bomb" (origami term I just learned, I use to call it a tent).  Follow the video tutorial for the rest of the steps.

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I love this idea but for those in china or other places that can't use youtube, would you be willing to make a non-video explanation of the folds?

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Thank you for this instructable. I have made 8 of them so far.

Great instructable!
It was easy for someone with very little oragami experience to make 2 of these in a short period of time. They will make perfect gifts for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. The one with the different shades of pink was done by cutting out pieces of craft foam and gluing them to the different surfaces. It still folds flat but the center heart pops out when you go to put it on the pages. By using blank paper I was able to write a little message on the back as well.


Very Nice! Video could be made a little easier to follow if you used paper that was different colors on each side.

Only problem is your heart has a crack in it, there's some symbolism there which provides a cognitive dissonance.

Need to find some way to make the two edges overlap.

VERY thorough video description ! Enter this somewhere for a prize, as you deserve it for your instructions alone ! Thanks for sharing, I WILL be visiting your site - AWESOME !!!!

Very cute! I just watched the video and made one. I only have construction paper around, though, so it was a little hard to fold. I think I might add a little glue to to get it to stay flat. :)

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Use some jewelry (or whatever you have around) ads. This time of year so many ads are full of cute Valentine-ish colors, they will work great for those bookmarks. No harm in using even stuff like junk mail for making cute bookmarks. :)