How to Make Egg Drop Soup. Yummeh!

Introduction: How to Make Egg Drop Soup. Yummeh!

This instructable will show you how to make delicious egg drop soup in a few simple steps!

Step 1: Ingredients

Invade your kitchen and obtain:

-2-4 Eggs(depends on how much egg you want in it)
-3 cans chicken broth(14.5 oz) or 4 cups of water and the amount of chicken bouillon needed for 4 cups
-A medium-sized pot
-Garlic Powder

Step 2: Start Cookin'!

1)If you have the canned broth, pour it into the pot. If you have the bouillon, pour the water in and then dissolve bouillon into it.

2)Whisk them eggs into oblivion! Or at least into a liquid state.

3)Turn the heat up on that chicken broth. It needs to start boiling. Now would be the time to add the spices. Give it a dash of salt, a dash of pepper, and 2 dashes of garlic powder.
{!}Be careful when dealing with boiling liquids, they're hot!

4)Once the broth's boiling, stir it around and around, then start pouring the eggs in. Pour it fast if you want large chunks, slowly if you prefer little slivers of egg.

5)Let boil until egg is cooked completely(this should be pretty intantanious).

Step 3: Serve It Up!

If you've followed the amounts as I have given them, it should be able to feed 4 people 1 bowl each. Get a ladle and pour the stuff into bowls. Get a spoon, put it in the soup, pull it up, insert into mouth, close mouth, and finally, enjoy!



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    Also, try only using the egg whites. i might try it both ways tomorrow and see which way i like more.

    Does anyone know how to make authentic take out egg drop soup? Broth + dropped egg = egg in broth soup. The take out has a thicker consistancy, they use white pepper, the soup is sometimes bright yellow.

    2 replies

    take out thick yellow egg drop soupe,the broth the consistancy of hot jello before fully thickend (the secret is) the chinese wont tell this recipe,and its almost imposable to get this,but here it is, servings for 2 or keep doubling = start off with 1 can of chicken broth,heat on medium, add chives optional,i like mine plain, the thickener to make it like egg is add 1 half teaspoon of( guar gum,) its the secret ingriedient to give it the texture of raw egg or melted jellow texture, ssshhhh dont tell the chinese i gave there sworn secret away,then cook till thickend,if u want it thinner add little watter,now turn that off,and lets do the egg drop right, the secret to that is,dont put the raw egg into the yellow broth u made,or it will turn lumpy the way the chinese want you to screw it up so that u have to get take out from them only,to do the egg,get a seperate skillet, melt half stck of butter then add half cup of watter to it, heat it to simmer only,then place your egg in a baggy and mash the egg inside,then rip a tiny hole in corner,squirt the egg make only 2 lines at a time in hot pan in the watter butter mix, then take a strainer spoon and dip out the shreds of egg and add to your yellw broth,when finished throw away the butter watter that u prepaierd the egg in,do not mix it to your egg drop soup u just made. this is a top secret heavely guarded yellw thick egg drop soup recipee that does not use corn starch that makes it cloudy, we want the real stuff,not the crap they tell us,then just double recipee to make as much as you want,while making that you mise well make some crab ragoons to go with it, with out them its not a meal,so get a package of fresh wanton wraps,a package of cream chease with chives, and a small pack of imitation crab meat, mince the crabmeat, add 3 tablesppons of sugar to cream chease,then mix crab,cream chease,sugar together,then use a teaspoon and put a heaping spoon of your mix in each wanton wrap,u can then fold in half and fry until golden brown at 350 degrees preferd,or u can squeez togeter wanton full on 2 sides and u have fancy wraped, that takes more oil in skillet so i prefer just folding them closed and toss in oil, veg oil with a lil sesemee oil is best but any will do. i am a great cook,but my typing sucks,but you can get the idea anyway, let me know how you like this,its the only real yellow clear thick yummy egg drop soupe that no one will ever tell u the right way to create your dish like take out. i too searched for this for years and got iritated with the cornstarch stories the chinese people made up and gave to americans that still pass it on,lol,hope u enjoy. Tad

    Try putting some corn starch in it, it will make it thicker. As for the yellow color? i dunno

    not knocking race, but, here in the united states, its a china dish not sure about the asian version, but, here all chinese restaraunts make it with the broth, I know of the solid version, and I still prefer the broth... good when not feeling good... but all the restaraunts here make it this way, and this is the foods we try to mimic... if we like it that way, thats the way we repeat it to others... I have seen the solid version, but never had it. But I plan to some day. So, this is why people think egg drop soup is actually a liquid version, so, do get upset when people think they are right because they just might not know of all the versions... take care...

     try adding less egg... within 10 minutes of reading this i had me self a bowl... it was so cash... great instructable!!!

    the soup i have made has acheived the conistency of just mixed cement

    The thickness comes from the corn starch, just how much to add im not sure, the color is from yellow food coloring you find at chinese markets or in the chinese section at your local grocery store....i havent ried just any regualr food coloring though.

    I love egg drop soup but the packet to make it at wall mart is too damn expensive. I will definitly make this, thanks for posting!

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    eww.... i have a mental block against wal-mart or dollarama.....eww....

    This is my favorite way to eat eggs. If you're only dropping one or two eggs, you can forgo mixing them in a separate bowl before adding them to the soup, mixing them up after they've been added. This will create yellow and white egg strands, depending on whether they come from the white or yolk. Also, I will thrown in a handful of mixed frozen vegetables and let them cook a bit before adding the egg. The egg bits will stick to the vegetables (to avoid that you have to cook them first separately and put them in the soup bowl, then make the egg drop soup and pout it over the vegetables. You can do this with cooked bacon, too, and if the bacon is still hot when you add the soup it makes a very satisfying crackling sound). And finally, adding vinegar to the stock before the eggs will change their consistency a little bit. I've only noticed this in the large chunks of egg, the white is a little more rubbery, though not in an objectionable way.