How to Make Ganache With Half and Half Instead of Cream




Introduction: How to Make Ganache With Half and Half Instead of Cream

The question that propelled this experiment and tutorial was simple: can you make ganache with half and half instead of cream?

Listen, I'm not some crazy dieter or trying to "slim down" my ganache. But the fact is, cream isn't always in my house; half and half usually is, given that we use it for coffee. So I wanted to know, if I was in a pinch, could I substitute half and half?

I won't keep you in suspense: ultimately, the answer is yes. It is possible to make ganache with half and half instead of heavy cream or whipping cream. But there's more to it than just that, so why don't you quit pretending to work for a minute and read on?

This tutorial was originally published on CakeSpy.

Step 1: Assemble Your Ingredients

To make ganache with half and half, you'll need:

  • 4 ounces chopped chocolate
  • 4 ounces half and half

(quantities can be doubled, tripled, etc; just maintain the same ratio of equal weights)

Step 2: Place the Chopped Chocolate in a Heatproof Bowl.

Easy as that.

Step 3: Simmer the Half and Half

Place the half and half in a saucepan. Over medium-low heat (higher, and it might scorch the pan), bring it to a simmer. Once it comes to a simmer (not quite to a boil), remove from heat.

Step 4: Pour the Hot Half and Half on the Chocolate and Stir

Pour the hot half and half on top of the chocolate. Using a whisk, stir the mixture. It will progress from very separate elements to melty chocolate and cream, then (oooooh) to a smooth, silky, chocolatey substance.

Step 5: Let It Set, Then Use However You'd Like

Let the ganache set for 15 minutes, or as long as it takes to set to your desired consistency. In general, as a topping, you'll want the ganache to be syrup-thick: liquid enough to pour, but thick enough that it won't just dribble over the sides of a cake etc. You might prefer it slightly thicker if you're using it for a filling; simply let it sit until it has set to your desired point.

Here is how mine looked after 15 minutes, when I drizzled it over some shortbread chocolate bars. (why not?)

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    1 year ago

    Thank you! It's Super Bowl Sunday we're glued to the tv and my daughter decides it's a good time to make macroon. Which we have never made....go to the store for heavy cream - no way! I really appreciate this tip


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I also always have half & half on hand but not cream. Father's Day coming up; I think I'll request a cake with ganache...