How to Make Lambent Light

Introduction: How to Make Lambent Light

lambent light is the rapier used by asuna in sword art online

this is the easiest way to make the sword and most cost effective to make this or almost any sword

PS its my first instructable so constructive advice would be helpful

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1. cardboard- to form the base
at least 40inc long

2. craft knife


4. lollipop sticks 0.99p

5. glue - PVA and hot glue gun

6. pencil, ruler


Step 2: Template

you very lucky person I've already got some. print these out on a4

note the template that looks like a semi circle don't trace onto card

after you print those out you can cut then out and trace them onto card

Step 3:

after you have traced out the sword remember its 40incs long so you have to fill in the gap between the point and rest of the blade

take your time while cutting out the sword with your knife make sevral cuts to give you a clean cut

Step 4:

now to strengthen using your lollipop sticks start gluing -hot glue- them in place layer then like bricks along the center of your sword do two layers of this and it should become much stronger

Step 5: Covering It With Paper

basically what you are doing is drawing around your sword onto paper and using PVA glue to glue it onto the main structure do this a few times so you get a clean look.

rember to draw bigger than the sword

Step 6: That Ring Thing

this is to be cut out onto card and fits onto the cross guard use eiter PVA or hot glue to do this

Step 7: Finished

hoping that you followed you should now have a sword that replicates that of the anime just not painted if you want to paint it then there is a reference image above

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Cutsheets/Templates are stolen from Returacan.
    Also your finished product picture is also stolen from soynutprops.
    This thing is terrible


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Congrats on posting your first instructable!

    I think putting a photo of the finished sword in as your main image in the intro would really help! :)