How to Make Lentil Soup for Dummies Using a Microwave Oven

Be amazed at how easy it is to make a bowl of yummy Red Lentil soup!

Anybody can make this wonderful Red Lentil soup in just minutes.

The 5 SECRETS of this recipe are that Red Lentils...

  • Taste SO YUMMY, you only need 1 ingredient. (Yes you read that right.)
  • Are so tiny that so they cook very quickly. (Why didn't I think of that years ago?)
  • Can be cooked in just a bowl of water in a microwave oven in just 16 minutes.
  • Can be cooked perfectly WITH NO STIRRING. (You better read that again.)
    (The reason is because a microwave oven heats liquids from all directions uniformly.)
  • Can be cooked unattended. Just set the microwave timer and your soup will be done on time.
    (The secret is you are putting in a set amount of water + lentils, and cooking a set amount of time, at a set heat level. Only a microwave oven can do that. Also, use a tall bowl so the water won't boil over.)

Here's how you can make yourself a yummy bowl of Red Lentil soup in a flash using the secrets above:

  • Take 1/3 cup of Red Lentils. (I like Goya, they are very inexpensive. Look in the ethnic food dept.)
  • Rinse them in a fine strainer set in a bowl of water 3 times . (I like to stir them while rinsing. SOAKING 10 MINUTES ONE TIME IS OPTIONAL.)
  • Put the rinsed lentils in a tall 1 microwaveable bowl. (I like Corelle 28 ounce bowls.)
  • Add 1 1/4 cups of Water. (or 300 ML.)
  • Set your microwave in advance to go 5 minutes at high (to get it boiling), then followed by 11 minutes at a power lower level that won't boil over. (I use level 8. Your microwave might need a different setting. Check your microwave instructions for how to set a series of cook times and power levels.)
  • Press start and walk away. When you return, your soup will be ready!
  • If you want the soup smoother, you can use an immersion blender or just use a spoon to press the lentils against the side of the bowl.
  • This soup is very thick and hearty with lots of flavor all on its own thanks to the yummy lentils.

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