How to Make Metal Rings

Introduction: How to Make Metal Rings

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I use metal rings in many of my instructables (for example this or this), so I decided to show you how to make them :)
It's really easy!

You can use them for jewelry, bracelets, chains, armor etc..

You will need:

- drill
- stick
- steel wire
- pincers and pliers
- gloves

,,,and I think that's it.


Take a wooden stick and drill a hole at the one end. You can use a metal rod which is better, but wood works just fine.

2) Put it in the drill. Cut a piece of wire and put the end of the wire through the hole and wrap it around the stick. 

3) With your gloves on, carefuly start to spin the rod in the drill. This will cause a production of metal springs. It's advised to make some kind of frame which will hold the rod! Or you can make it in your hand as I did.

4) Cut the end of the spring and slide it down from rod. Now it's finally time to make metal rings! Take your pincers and cut the spring by thread. 
I also sometimes stretch the spring before cutting, so I don't have to open the rings before knitting. :)

5) That's all folks!! You can now take your pliers and close rings or start to knit a chainmail armor! :D

Hope this instructable was useful for you! I'll be glad for comments!

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    6 years ago on Introduction


    I do them in a little different way: 1) I use an iron rod or tube with a groove at end. 2) I turn it by hand, not with a drill; 3) I press the end of the rod + the wire in the table grip, between two pieces of soft wood. 4) once coiled all the wire, i cut it with the hand grinder.

    That way enhances the uniformity of the rings.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for comment! :)

    I wanted to use an iron rod too, but I wasn't able to make some hole to it, because I live in flat without any workshop and only tools I have are drill, hammer and pliers :D. My friends who make an armor also used hand power as you, but I choose drill, because it's faster. I also press the stick and use my hand to lead the wire the right direction. And for your last remark - I would like to use a grinder too, but I don't have one :D I was thinking if I could make some grinding wheel from sandpaper or something similar material and then put in the drill.

    Anyway thanks again for your comment! Maybe I'll try to change the way I make the rings :)

    Have a nice day!