How to Make Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups




Introduction: How to Make Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

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This was a bit of an experiment to see if I could manage something like Reese's king size cups. I don't really like these things but my sister does and they're hard to find in the UK (and expensive).
A fairly simple task I thought - chocolate, peanut butter, sugar. Reese's list the ingredients as milk chocolate, peanuts, sugar, salt (& preservative).

The only other Instructable I could find like this is this one. The method of construction is different, but probably a bit easier if you don't want the classic cup-shape.

Thank you for the peanut butter cups, i have just eaten one, it was lush. X(verdict by SMS)

Step 1: Ingredients & Other Materials

I used:
~100g Icing-sugar, otherwise known as confectioner's sugar. This packet is white powdered refined cane-sugar.
~100g Peanut butter (smooth). This jar claims the ingredients to include 92% roasted peanuts and some salt. Yes the label does advise that it "Contains peanuts."
~200g Chocolate. Use what you like, I went for "Chocolate flavour cake covering", as this is the sort of thing my sister likes.

For making the cups, I used some "white baking cases", an improvised bain-marie and a few other common kitchen tools.

Step 2: Stage 1 - Hollow Chocolate Cups

If you take baking cases out of the packet, you tend to find them sagging, add weight to them and they'll sag some more. So I cut up a kitchen-tissue inner-tube to hold the sides of baking-cases vertical, which did a pretty good job.

Melt the chocolate in whichever way works for you. I improvised a bain-marie by sitting a bowl on top of a pan simmering water gently.

Add a spoon of molten chocolate to a baking case, and push it up the sides with a small spoon. It will relax back down to the bottom, leaving a coating on the sides. Leave the chocolate to cool and move on to the next case.

Step 3: Stage 2 - Peanut Butter Filling

Mix peanut butter & sugar together until you've got the sweetness you like, I went roughly 50/50.

To fill the cups - warm the filling, but only warm it, to around body temperature.
I found the mixture to be thixotropic i.e. it would liquefy to an extent if shaken, so one blob in each cup, a bit of a shake and the filling settled nicely.

Step 4: Finish

To finish the cups, add a spoon of chocolate to the top, give a bit of a shake, and let them cool.

With a bit of practice I could do better, and so could anyone else. But the things worked, I ate one it was just fine (and I don't really like these things).

I made 10 cups from the ingredients, they'll be ~40g (twice the Reese's) ~200 kcal.: they are high in fat and sugar.



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    How to Make Homemade, Healthy Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    How to Make Homemade, Healthy Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    By stating "I don't really like these things..." really sold your recipe.

    What a clown.

    OMG!!!-How can anyone not love Reese's peanut butter cups? Just wondering. I hate peanut butter and don't like chocolate, but I love Reese's!

    12 replies

    Because they are unnecessarily salty, probably use adulterated (with hydrogenated oil) peanut butter, and the chocolate is barely worthy of the name.

    If they were made with quality dark chocolate, and legitimate peanut butter, and less sugar, they'd be good. If you live in the U.S., Trader Joe's has their own version which like many of their copycat products (crackers, etc.), is better than the original!

    Trader Joe's are ok, I prefer the original Peanut Butter Cups. TJ's is an expensive yuppie palace. The good part of the place is that they do have unique stuff and so if you want it you pay the premium.

    If you worry about hydrogenated oil and such get out the food processor and grind it yourself. And since you shop at TJ's get some Cashew Butter and do these, but add some salt cuz the Cashew Butter is not salted enough. Or make your own PIGNOLI Butter (I have) add that , or Pecan Butter


    so many fat grams so little time


    Hm, you must be going to a different Trader Joe's than I do. I buy better than 50% of my groceries there, because it's cheaper! Nuts, juice, dairy, chips; you name it. I see brands there for at least 2 bucks a bottle (hair care products) less than health food stores or discount vitamin and health products stores have them for. Same goes for a lot of food products, and the quality is, often as not, better than regular grocery store chains.

    Also, when I must go to the local Lucky store (California grocery chain), I go there first, endure the fishy stench that always greets me at the door. (The fish dept. is at the back wall), and overweight, unhappy, and mistake-prone staff (The bakery lady is great, sightings of staff other than cashiers are quite rare.) Then I go to Trader Joe's. If I get there before the mob of hungry grade school kids and parents, it's always a pleasure. Great products, happy staff busily doing a repetitive work as if it mattered to them. It does! They get paid less than the union slobs a few doors away, yet they are happier, more efficient, and take pride in their work. Any slow or lazy staff never last. The good ones are often there for years. If I were looking for people to hire, that's one of the first places I'd go.

    Sure, they have premium products, and some of them seem expensive, at least until I price the same or similar elsewhere.

    Then all your stores are overpriced. Again they carry some unusual items and sometimes ever better then most, but nuts fruits etc I get from a green grocer not Albertson's/piggly Wiggley A&P/Lucky etc. My Meats come from same places. There are things that come from stores like that , but only about half. And all th eUnion Shops I go to are staffed by very very helpful people, unlike whatever you have that you refer to them as Union Slobs. I guess you make a good buck and look down your nose at unions, I have a number of aquaintance's like that. Of course slowly big biz is squeezing out middle class and only using"empowered self motivated self reliant (read, has 4 jobs and never sees his/her family) partnership driven "associates". They do not want workers , they want associates.

    My local S&S or Pathmark or ShopRIte all have ok sales and great employees, and they actually pay them a real wage.

    Quality , well my green grocer does vary , but except for cetain things at certain times big box stores (T J is one considering the size of the system), will have better deal on say green beans, but usually I get a better deal at my mom&pop Green Grocer.

    Fish, heck I have walked out of stores that have real fish mongers since I hate fish in general, and while it can be all good, if they have a slight problem with the plumbing it reeks. A bad dairy case can be as bad or worse. I do not ever remember seeing a real butcher shop or fish monger at TJ's.

    As far as vitamins are concerned look up they are the worlds largest vitamin maker, they are so cheap its unreal. They do not own every patent so they do not make everything, but I would bet a buck, some, if not quite a bit of TJ's vitamins come from them; since they private label for many many many many stores.

    But the upside to TJ's Cat Cookies, Cashew Butter, a few very tasty cakes mixes, (but I get same stuff from King Arthurs Flour Store

    They kick butt and prices are about the same. I do admit I buy 10 pound sacks of KA flour from BJ wholesale as they have the best price around, I also buy yeast in 2 pound granular freeze dried active (i think I got that right),in Brick Pack, which I break up share and freeze keeps for several years that way.

    Pain de Mie, Pizza, Focaccio di Umbria, Ciabatta, intense rye breads, (and pumpernickel), Plain Jane Eyetalian bread(s) all get fresh made through the year plus what I get from the store.

    If TJ's is the best place to shop by you, for basics, then I feel sorry for you. But when everypiece of dirt around you is too expensive then you must pay the slaves more. Food stores were never meant to have really well paid employees, you need a few, and they needed a few perks, but now with automization and generally crappy economy these jobs are "good jobs" and have benefits.


    try this recipe with cashew butter, pecan butter,or pignoli butter (it is wicked, to me). For real deal PBC's you do need to add some peanut butter to the chocolate.

    great instructable our disagreement on TJ's not withstanding.

    If your watching your fat grams like me there is something called better than peanut butter and for the chocolate you can use Hershey chocolate syrup

    read the ingrediants in it better'n'peanut butter is not so healthy and it tastes yechh. To make a good peanut butter cup you need to mix a small amount of peanut butter into the chocolate. Saw a lady 20 years ago on TV who showed how to make exact duplicates of many things. Her recipe was perfect,( I can't remember the book title, sorry)

    but I understand the beed to diet so I congradulate you on trying to do the best thing.

    I think the dark chocolate idea is good, I wonder how good 87% dark chocolate would taste?

    There's just something so good about that combination of chocolate and peanut butter!

    I don't like peanut butter either, but the combination is heavenly...

    I just made HUGE Reese's after this inspired me! They are cupcake sized!