How to Modify and Reassemble a NERF Raider CS-35 for More Power and Range.




So ive just bought myself a Nerf Raider CS-35, and i thought, hey, you know what, i need MORE POWER. so naturaly i headed to Google and looked for instructions on modifying it.
So ive found numerous videos and how-to's, but they arnt as helpful as id hoped, they all tell you quickly how to do it, but none of them tell you how or why the mods work, and also, quite a vital part, they dont tell you how to put it back together so it works correctly, and i had abit of trouble with this. but with some brain cells and brute force ive worked it out and documented it for you lovely people. so read on, and good luck. im not saying that this mod will make you gun shoot through your walls, but it will add some power and some range, so you can shoot your sister from that extra bit further away. put it this way, im using regular nerf darts, and with this mod, they now whistle when they fly sometimes, so that must have added something!

a nerf raider cs-35 (seems obvious)
your very own brain
electrical tape
a drill with a long drill bit, OR a long screwdriver and a hammer
a small phillips screwdriver with quite a long bit.

THIS IS MY FIRST INSTRUCTABLE SO CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK IS VERY WELCOME. lemme know if you need anything further explained, or you just want too say thanks! have fun!

also, i am terribly sorry if you break you gun, but if you fllow these instructions carefully, you should be fine.

Step 1: Strip Down

so this is the start of the process, start by stripping off the stock, and start taking out screws, but keep them safe!
start on the pump action handle part (ill say now that i dont know the technical names of parts, but ill try my best! (theres 5 screws on the handle)
then take out all the body screws, there should be 14 in all.
very carefully pull it apart, it will be abit stuck, but just make sure nothing important looking falls out without you having a good look at it first.

Also, ignore the grey tape in my pictures, my gun is already modded so just pretend its not there for now.

Step 2: The Business End

so this is where the modifying begins! im not sure how to do this so ive taken pictures of all the bits and put them on this page, so ill correlate the pictures with the writings, in the form of numbers

PICTURE 1 - start by taking out the spring, it slides out easy but youll need it in a minute so dont put it too far away

PICTURE 2 - pop out this little sqaure bit, it comes out easy, but dont loose the spring!

PICTURE 3 - i have no idea what this bit is called, but it basicly falls out, so put him somehwere safe

PICTURE 4 - this bit slides out, again, ignore the tape, and put it too one side as you will need this in a second aswell

PICTURE 5 - this bit comes out with a little tug too the right, keep it accesible as youll be fiddling with it soon.

Step 3: Modding Step 1

so this is the plunger. the idea is that where the spring is, when the gun is cocked, this bit compresses the spring, making the power. the idea of this part of the mod is to shorten the gap in which the spring is compressed, therefore increasing the power when it is released, HUZZAH!

so heres what you do, take some of the electrical tape, and wrap it around the plunger, snug to the end with the lip (see the picture) doing this with the whole width of the tape, i found that it made the gap too small and the spring wouldnt cock, so i took a knife and cut off some of the width of the tape until the space was good (i cut off about half)

Step 4: Modding Step 2

so this is where the fiddeliest bit comes in. this part of the gun is where the dart is primed before firing, inside this tube is the Air Restrictor, and this is what we are removing. the air restrictor is there to, well to restrict the air. when the gun is fired, the plunger comes forward and pushes the air into this tube, which is what fires the dart. taking out the AR will allow more air into the barrel, and more air means more power, YEEAHH!
so look into one end, the end where the metal bar is, and youll see a sort of pin type thing, and from the other end there is just a hole. now depending on your chosen method there are different approaches to the next stage.
if youve gone for the hammer and screwdriver method, then put it down into the end with the hole (not the pin) and very carefuly, smash it out.
if youve chosen the drill, use it too drill out the hole carefully, but whatever method you choose, be careful not to damage the rest of the tube.

as 2 minor modifications, you can take some tape, and where i have wrapped some, there is a tiny hole, again, this will just stop more air escaping.
also, ive put some tape around where theblack rubber ring is, this just makes the seal that bit tighter again, making a bit more air pressure.

Step 5: Modding Step 3

Finally, grab your spring, and give it abit of a stretch. the spring is ultimately what provides the power. seeing as we have already shortened the gap in which the spring can be compressed too, if we stretch it out abit, it can only make more power can it not?!
so give it a little stretch, but dont deform it, just enough to give it a little extra oomf (i believe that that is a real word)

Step 6: Reassembling

so we have come too the final step in our modificating journey!
this is where i find that the other mod videos and instructions wernt as helpful as they could have been.
i found that when putting my gun back together, that there were a few bits that i kept knocking out of place, meaning the blasted thing wouldnt work. so ive put some pictures of those places in hope that you wont have the same problems.

so the first one comes with the funny little square bit that encases the spring. this piece, when the gun is cocked, holds the plunger in place, and pressing the trigger lifts it up, which releases a catch, unleasing the spring and sending forth your dart into the world. so this has too be placed in the correct spot, hence, picture 1

picture 2, shows that funny stick part that basicaly falls out. on the left hand end of it (when looking at it as it goes in) there is a little hook type bit. this hooky place needs to catch on the lip above, and also press the button too its left.
im hoping these instructions and pictures make sense.

Step 7: Finished

after youve followed the first few steps backwards and got it all back together, there we are! you now have a modified Nerf Raider CS-35! as i said before, this isnt going to turn your raider into a Brret 50 Cal. but its a good bit of fun and the extra power is defiantely noticable.
im hoping that this was a helpful as i wanted it too be, if you have any questions, or want to just tell me how much you thoroughly enjoyed this instructable, then leave me a comment! but seriously, any feedback is good feedback, so let me know! thanks for reading, and happy making!



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    19 Discussions

    jesse 88

    2 years ago


    I did this instructable and it works really well! The only problem is, it's really loud BANG! but it gets quieter after time. I can really notice the difference in power and distance, Thanks for the instructable.


    3 years ago


    I tried this but now my plunger is not staying back when I load the gun. It slides back before I can pull the trigger. Any help?


    3 years ago

    ok so i accidentally broke the metal rod that connects the bolt sled to the fore grip. any idea where i could get a new one?


    thanks yobonoc, my gun can shoot further now. The instructions were pretty easy.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Do not follow this tutorial the last thing you want to do is stretch your Nerf spring, you'll get a little extra power out of it then it will lose it's tension and your darts firing distance will get cut in half. Do not stretch your spring, if you want more power you can purchase a larger one but whatever you do leave your blasters spring alone.


    4 years ago on Step 7

    Cool! I like that you are trying (and succeeding) to make a more useful raider! I myself am still disappointed with mine, so it will probably turn into scrap and such.

    Tried it; it won't fire. The metal rod is bent to one side, so that may be why. Also, couldn't remove AR, but significantly hindered it from regulating how much air goes to the chamber. Otherwise, you done well. Keep up the good instructing.

    1 reply

    I am unsure about the holes...
    one we drill out and the other we tape over.


    do we want more air in or less.

    I am confused.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    About how much would this Mod cost, (assuming I have the bare necessity's, i.e. screwdrivers and stuff.)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes you can remove the clip rack on the side, when you have the casing in 2 bits, I think it's just a case of popping out 2 orange clips that hold it in, but obviously if you do this, the clip isn't held in.

    As far as modding it goes, I don't know personally, sorry!!

    I hope thats helped, I'm sorry for the vagueness, but I haven't got the gun to hand at the moment,

    Thanks for reading


    7 years ago on Step 4

    So, the two pins inside the tube need to be drilled out? Thanks for the tutorial!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yep, I don't think that part is hugely vital, and it's also abit fiddley, but your welcome! :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yep, sorry i think the way ive written it up there isnt very good,

    basicaly the idea is that the tape wrapped around the plunger makes the space where the spring is compressed smaller, so that when it springs back out, there is more power,
    i just wrapped it around until there was enough to catch on the rim at the end of the spring, but i had to cut it down abit because the spring physicaly wouldnt squeeze down that small, so i ran a knife around it so pretty much halfed the width of the tape.

    the other bit of tape on the longer orange bit is just covering a tiny hole in that shaft so that it stops that little bit of air escaping, im sure it doesnt do much, but every little helps!

    i hope thats been more useful, if it hasnt then let me know and ill get some more pictures up.
    thanks for the comment!