How to Palm-roll Dread Locs




process of re-twisting your dreadlocks can be done in many ways, but in my
opinion the most effective way to twist dreadlocks is by using the palm rolling

Step 1: Get the Products

Before you begin the task of re-twisting your hair you must gather all of the necessary supplies. For this process you will need a rat-tail comb, hair grease (specifically Jamaican mango & lime loc wax) and hair clips.

Step 2: Washing

When all the materials needed have been gathered, start off by washing your hair. Re-twisting
dreads with clean, freshly washed hair makes the process much easier and
results in a better looking finished product.

Step 3: Separating

After washing your hair, use the comb to
gather and separate the hair into rows horizontally. Make sure to clip each section
of hair so that it does not get in the way as you begin the re-twisting
process. Begin working on the first section by separating out a single dread
and combing the new growth upward into a pile that surrounds the dreadlock.
Once all of the surrounding new growth is piled up you can use either the comb
or your fingers to apply hair grease to the root of the hair.

Step 4: Twisting

Make sure to use a generous amount of hair grease so that the root of the hair is
completely saturated. Next, start twisting the hair from the root using your
fingers. Twist the hair about two or three times to ensure that the new growth
binds with the root of the hair.

Step 5: Rolling

After twisting, palm-roll the hair. Palm-rolling is a technique where the hair is
rolled in-between two palms. Palm-roll the hair until it coils up at the root.
You will repeat all of these steps until you have done all of your locks.



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    4 years ago

    Looks nice, but I would get that itchy scalp thing goin on if I don't shampoo everyday. I can't stand when my hair is oily.