How to Play Name, Place, Animal, Thing




The number of players should be above 2. This game is a mind game.

Step 1: How to Play Name, Place, Animal, Thing

First write all the 26 letters of the alphabet in a bit of paper and then pick up a paper after mixing the whole lot.

We should write a name(of a human; for eg. richard), an animal, a place and a thing(such as toothbrush) that starts with the letter that you chose. When a player finishes the game he should count till 20 for the other players to finish. The other players should finish before the countdown. For every correct answer, the player is rewarded 10 points for every correct answer. If any two players get common answer, then 5 points should be rewarded. If the answer is not accepted(eg. if name of the animal does not exist), or if the entry is not given the player is rewarded 0 points.

The final points only matter.



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Let TheP

8 months ago on Introduction

Yea we have played this game since childhood, but be did it a bit different. We got Boy, Girl, Animal, Place, Plant


3 years ago

Hello, try this game online: