How to Prevent Your XBox 360 Nyko Intercooler From Melting/burning Your Xbox




If you have an early XBox 360, you probably know that there's a horrible design flaw Microsoft didn't have time to properly test and fix-- the system at times can get so hot that the logic board inside cracks. Microsoft, sensing pending class action lawsuits, extended warranty by three years.

The Nyko Intercooler is a possible solution, since it keeps your xbox cool. This cooling unit plugs into the back of your 360 using the 360's power supply. However, there's an ironic problem. The Nyko Intercooler is also badly designed ... and also melts. The problem is that the 360's power supply at times uses so much juice that the Nyko's adapter melts.

Also, because the 360 wasn't designed to power a separate set of fans, it sometimes does not get the power it wants and games crash. Bummer! (happened to me within 5 minutes of use without this mod).

The obvious solution is to rig it to use it's own power supply! My method involves getting an AC/DC adapter so that you can get juice from your wall. I found another design that uses 12v batteries. [link][/link]. I personally prefer my design, because you don't need to worry about getting new batteries all the time!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

The tools in this project are pretty straight forward. You don't /need/ to know how to solder, but it would REALLY help. You can search for soldering tutorials on instructables. The soldering skills you'll need are beginner.

The Nyko is set up very simply, it's just 3 fans all wired together. However, you may need to do some very simple calculations to get the correct power supply.

I = P/V
For 12v you'd do this: (1.44 * 3)/12v = 0.36A

In other words, if you use a 12v power supply you should get at least 360 mA. You can get one at radioshack, and those two numbers are blatantly visible on the packaging. I used a 9v, and for that you'll need at least 270mA. I'll assume you'll get a 9v with at least 270mA for this instructable.

Thanks to my pal Joe for helping me with the math. Anyhow, I managed to run this on 3 AAA batteries so we based the math around that.

Tools and Supplies
Wire (I used thin wire wrapping wire)
Solding Iron
handsaw that'll cut plastic
9V AC/DC power adapter with over 270mA
Female adapter for that power supply (device specific)
Electric tape
Phillips head screw driver
Wire stripper (you can use your teeth)

Step 2: Open It Up

Unscrew the Nyko in the back and remove all its guts. There'll be a bunch of screws, the packing and a power adapter thing.

You'll be left with the power source adapter connected by two wires form the fans. One wire is 3 red wires connected and the other is the black ground wire. Cut both of them at the tips.

Step 3: Cut the Sucker!

Ok. So, I originally though that you could just drill another hole in the back of the Nyko to fit the 360's power supply. Well, it doesn't fit. That's why there's a huge hole in it in the picture (below).

The best thing to do is to cut the bottom portion of the Nyko adapter off. Saw it off right above the old power supply hole. In other words, cut off the piece below the fans!

Step 4: Solder and Finish!

Use the photo for help with this step. It's actually very simple!

Connect the wires to the female adapter
Expose ends of your wire and the Nyko wire, and wrap your wire around the Nyko's wires. Okay that doesn't make any sense... just look at the picture! Do the same to the female adapter.

Here's a hint about soldering. Wrap the two exposed wires together first so it's stuck on there. Heat up the joint with your soldering iron and stick some solder in. It does the job!

Give a test but plugging it in. They should go fassst!!!

Reverse Polarity
I had no problems with this, but be warned. I haven't checked if the fans can get this problem. The fans need to blow out. So if when you get this working and tested they're sucking through the grill, reverse your wires!.

Step 5: Finished!

Ok, stick it on your xbox, plug it in and play some Bioshock!!!

Alternatively, you can also drill a hole into the side of the Nyko big enough for the female adapter to stick through. This way you won't have all those wires hanging out. I didn't have my drill anymore, so my setup will suffice for now.

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    32 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    Can you do a YouTube video on how to do this mod?

    why do people make accessories for the 360 without testing them these things hinder more than help thanx for fixing this problem

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    now-whoa.the xbox(me thinks) even when covered with tinfoil and towels won't catch fire

    WHOA LMAO!!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    xD, you should just take it apart and put the fans inside the XBox


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    however if you can create an arc between the power connectors as they fail from over-heating, it can and has caught fire.

    The 2nd gen NYKO cooler is awesome. Highly recommend it! Its only $20 and well worth it -WAY BETTER THAN ITS PREDECCESOR! It uses an auxiliary power source and It operates similar to a turbo-timer on a TC'd car. ItIt will continue to provide cooling after the system is shut down until it reaches a certain temperature, and will also kick back on if the temp goes up after the unit has shut-off.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i've had two of these and no problems, i replaced it because one of the fans bearings went out. As far as the power consup issue it's bull. plugging in a wired controller takes more power than those fans.Mine was a refurb so no warranty. WE need a mod to make the fans run 5 min after shut down to help cool off. anyone idea?

    4 replies

    are you sure the two fans draw less amperage than a wired controller?
    If a wireless controller can run off 3 volts i wonder why MSFT would make a wired controller that requires 12 volts?

    the wired controllers actually run on 5 volts, reason is because usb is 5 volts. the reason they do that is because if you want to plug in a thumb drive, or ext drive it can run them. Those fans only pull 30ma per fan that 0.0030amps of power. if i plug in my zune to chardge it requires 500ms or .5 amps to charge it

    the reason these melt is because the two adapters that connect the male end of the power brick to the female plug on the xbox  are made in china and they can't handle the current very well, so it's a connector failure not a power consumption problem


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my god! DON'T buy one of these fans! They make your 360 fan in the back spin super fast and will damage your system. Plus if you have xbox live or have your 360 hooked up to the net Microsoft can monitor you fan speed and if you sent it in because its still under warranty they wont fix it because you mis used the system. -happened to a pal of mine, thats why i use the under neath fan.

    3 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    if i was microsoft i would add a pin from the psu that normally does not normally go to the xbox,they would absentmindedly bridge that pin too


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    no microsoft can NOT monitor your fan speeds or your current draw from the power supply and they aren't going to refuse to fix your console because your fans spun faster because the system was over heating. also you can't get banned from xbox live for doing any of these either.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i have the next-gen nyko intercooler. it plugs into the wall and hooks on to ur 360 instead of plugging in to the 360.

    Head Wound

    11 years ago on Step 5

    I don't mind having exposed wires either. It resembles half of my projects. So I will not complain about that (at risk of being a hypocrite). I do think your power connector could use some additional insulation of some sort (electric tape, hot glue for examples), I can see the exposed leads to the female power connector.


    These things are great for forcing the RRoD so that M$ will extend your warranty. Sometimes you get stuck with an error that M$ refuses to repair, so that gives them no choice. That said, I still wouldn't really advise that method. You could always just get very unlucky.