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If your Ember printer isn't connected to the internet, then there are a few extra steps required in order to load your print data and start printing.

Fortunately, it's not difficult. You'll start by prepping your print data on Then, you'll download the print data, connect your computer to Ember via the provided USB cable, and upload the data manually using a direct IP connection to Ember.

Here's how to do that...

Step 1: Prep Your Model Using

The first step is to load your 3D model, define your print settings, and slice your model on [For instruction on how to do this, click here. Return to this page when you've reached the section, "Send the print data to Ember (or download it)."

Click to the next step when you have a sliced file that's ready to print on the Download page of

Step 2: Download Your Print Data

At the bottom of the Download page, there's a link that enables you to download your print data. Click the blue Download button, and save the print package on your local drive. It will save in the format: (your-filename).tar.gz. This is what you will upload the Ember in the next step.

NOTE: Some computers automatically uncompress the ___.tar.gz package. If this happens, the ___tar.gz will be replaced with a ___.tar file, and the original ___tar.gz will be placed in the trash. In order to manually load the print data, you must use the ___tar.gz. Attempting to load the ___.tar (lacking the .gz) will not work.

When you've located your downloaded ___.tar.gz file on your computer, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Connect Your Computer and Ember Via the Provided USB Cable

First, confirm that both your printer and computer are powered on and ready to use.

Next, use the provided USB cable to connect your computer to Ember.

Then open a web browser and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Upload Your File Using the USB Loading Page

Point your browser to Ember's Load Print File page (

Browse for the "your-filename.tar.gz" file that you prepared and downloaded in the previous step.

Click "Load." When your file has loaded, "your-filename.tar.gz" will display on the control panel of your printer.

Now proceed to Step 6 on How to use for your 3DP workflow.



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