How to Reassemble That Pen That Came Apart in Your Backpack


Introduction: How to Reassemble That Pen That Came Apart in Your Backpack

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Sometimes your favorite pen mysteriously falls apart and you're left with some springs and little things. Here is a guide in case those pieces just aren't fitting together quite right. 

Step 1: Finding the Parts

Feel annoyed that your pen came apart and hope all the parts are there. Collect the parts. 

Step 2: Spring on the Ink Tube

Got all the parts? Great. First put the spring on the ink tube. 

Step 3: Plastic Thing in Pen Tube

Drop the white tube thing (this part most likely has a scientific name, but referring by it probably wouldn't help) into the large pen tube. Make sure it's small side is toward the clicker side. 

Step 4: Tube in Tube

Drop the ink tube (with spring still on) into the big pen tube. The unnamed plastic part from before should be nestled into the end of the pen tube before inserting the ink tube. 

Step 5: Grip

Add grip. 

Step 6: Screw on and Write

Finally, screw on the cap. Hopefully you have managed to scrounge up all the parts and when you click the end, the pen tip comes out and you can write that first novel. 



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    I have one of the cunard pens from the cruises, I'm pretty sure I have all the parts but can't put it back together, any help?


    7 months ago

    Thank you so much you saved my bby

    the plastic bit beneath the clicker in the biro casing has gone in back to front and become jammed in there. Any suggestions on how it can be removed?

    1 reply

    Some days, there's just brain tire. Thanks for doing the thinking for me!

    1 reply

    i dont have the plastic thing! what do i do?

    You're a good artist! Nice job!