How to Repair Your AEG or Electrolux Dishwasher




Introduction: How to Repair Your AEG or Electrolux Dishwasher

In this short tutorial I'll explain how to fix a very common problem with about 3 to 6 years old AEG or Electrolux dishwashers. If the dishwasher works otherwise, but doesn't heat up the water anymore, the problem is very likely to be broken soldering in the circuit board. The problem can easily be fixed by just resoldering the broken connection.

In this tutorial I fixed an AEG Electrolux model 40660 dishwasher, but lots of people have reported that this fix works for many other models too.

Step 1: Opening the Front Panel

Start by unplugging the mains power connector for safety reasons.

Next, open the washers front door and unscrew the six screws pointed out by the red arrows in the picture. This allows for the top panel on the outside to come off, so you can remove the control box.

Step 2: Removing the Top Panel

Carefully pull out the top panel a bit by pulling towards yourself. Watch for the power switch cables (pointed out with the blue circle in the picture) and the door opener lever (green arrow in the picture).

Unplug the power switch (blue circle) carefully so you don't break the wiring.

The door opener lever comes out of it's position by moving the top panel to the side a bit. Watch the lever (green arrow) as it gets free from the opener.

Step 3: Removing the Circuit Board Box

Note the two small plastic clips that secures the circuit board box in the top panel. Carefully push the clips so that the control box detaches from the top panel.

After unclipping the control box, carefully pull it out a bit to get access to the cable connectors at the back. Take note of the order and placing of the different connectors before unplugging them so that you don't forget in which order they should be inserted back after the repair. A quick way of doing this is taking a picture of the connectors with your cell phone camera.

Step 4: Opening the Control Box

The control box containing the circuit board can be opened by opening the two plastic clips on each side of the box. The control box opens up like a book when pulling the halfs apart at the connector side.

The relay to be soldered is pointed out with a red arrow in the lower picture.

Step 5: Soldering the Relay

The problem is often very well visible when you open up the control box. In many cases there is a burned area that tells you where the soldering is broken. In some cases there are no visible marks of burning, but many report that the problem is still the same, so give it a try anyway, even if there is no visible burning.

In this case the copper track was burned so bad, that I had to solder a small piece of wire (by the red arrow in the picture) to make contact between the relay's leg and the copper track. It is a good idea to solder all of the relay's legs while you're at it anyway. Resolder the legs pointed out by the yellow arrows too, so you don't have to open the dishwasher up again soon.

If you look at the circuit board you'll find the relay itself on the other side (where all the components are). It looks like a small black box, and by comparing it to the position of the legs on the back side of the circuit board (showing in the picture), you can find the right legs to resolder quite easily.

After soldering, just assemble everything back in the opposite order to make you dishwasher work again!

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Thanks, this was very useful. This instruction works for an Electrolux 911D93-2T as well. My biggest problem was that the relay pin was mostly gone as well. I managed to push a stranded wire down into the PCB hole and make contact with the relay pin. As a backup, I intend to look up a replacement relay and be ready when the repair brakes again...


2 months ago

My AEG built in dishwasher model FAVORIT35085V1 suddenly stopped heating the water. I saw this post and tried it. The box is similar but getting it out was a bit different. Once out I could see no obvious problem with the relay soldering, but I re-soldered it anyway as suggested. I also re-soldered one of the spade connectors to the board (the end one). Put it all back together and it works! Thank you for this, I had though it was the element.

Circuit fix worked as described in this text , my model is AEG FAVORIT 44060i, thank you very much for the tutorial.


7 months ago


Didn't work for me, but my relay was very burnt. So burnt that i can't read the info on the relay. Is there somebody who knows which relay I should buy?

Hello from Moscow!

Thank you very much to the author of the article!

My machine Electrolux ESL 46010 again began to work when I soldered the relay connection contacts, which includes an electric heater.

It was not seen that the contacts are bad. But I refreshed the contacts with a soldering iron.

And it all worked! The machine began to heat water again!

Thank you!


Brilliant help! Have today repaired an older (I think) AEG following these helpful instructions, feeling very pleased and my partner is delighted (have scored some brownie points there!). Thanks.

Many Thanks! Dishwasher broke down 5 days before Christmas - not heating the water. I followed your instructions and removed the circuit board, but was disappointed to find that it looked in perfect condition. I decided to just heat up the four legs of the relay and add a blob of solder to each pin. I reassembled everything with little expectation of success. But it worked!! I had already sourced a replacement Bosch from our local Curry's, so to save £350 at this time of the year is my Christmas Miracle!!! Thanks again

Just because we removed Pb from The solder, all new electronics fail. I wonder how much toxic waste that is put into The nature because of this stupid decision.

This was amazing help ! Yesterday my wife recognized that dishwasher is washing with cold water. An Electrolux ESL46010 was running for 8 years without outage. The disassembly was a little different and cables were glued to inner stainless front wall. After dismantling of PCB i have soldered and bridged by solder the marked critical points of 12V relay 10A~ contacts. After assembly, the complete electronic didn`t work. Waited to calm down and advice of my wife, that maybe the display/buttons board isn`t connected. Today i again completelly disassembled the control box and "THAT WAS the fialure !!!" Small click of pcb side connector on ribbon cable, and IT WORKS AGAIN !!!. Many thanks for help which saved me cca 300EUR for new dishwasher. The authorized repair was estimated to 150-200EUR .... that was saved surely. THAAANKS !!!

Many thanks. Just fixed my 85480 fully integrated. More complicated to dis-assemble but exact same fault. Hot tip: put some flux on the relay pin and pad before you solder. Makes it much easier and quicker to get a good joint.

I had a same problem with electrolux esl 6124. No heating. I was so angry when I paid 30€ for 2 minuts of diagnostics of this problem. I had to pay half of a new dish wash to solve this problem.

I did the soldering and it hetas again.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much!
You saved me a lot of money.

Thank you very much! My AEG Favorit 50740 Sensorlogic Turbodry didn't heat anymore. I did what you said and encountered exactly the same problem as you described and as the photo showed. I soldered it and it heats again! This saves me a new dishwasher and helps the environment! Thank you for your effort to post your experiences here!

Many thanks! I followed the description, did the soldering and now the dishwasher works again! You saved me a lot of money and hassle, thanks again.

Aeg favorit 40630 stopped working. When the washing program is started, the first step works - water is drained out but is stucked at second one - water to get in. I checked if water is drained out correctly by throwing some water inside washing machine and checked the draining hose - water is getting out. After doing nothing at second step - water getting in error light blinks. PLease help - unhappy wife :-)


Yes this also worked for me for an AEG dishwasher purchased through Wickes about 2012, the control board was slightly different , but I just re-flowed the relay joints and saved myself £400, plus all the hassle of changing etc - brill!!!!

If this doesn't work the next thing would be to remove and test the relay, its a standard 12VDC single pole double throw relay from Panasonic, if you put the part number in google it will give you several vendors, will only cost a couple of quid.

Thanks.This worked perfectly. KUTGW

Hi, I have an AEG Favorite F87000MP, and it has no power. The timer board gets 230 V, but it still doesn't work. Anyone has any idea on what the problem may be?

I fixed my 2006 Electrolux ESL6251 by this procedure. Thanks!

1 reply

A little bit more work to do, due to more electronics and buttons on the top of the front door and bigger cicuit board (at opposite side), but ended well :-)