How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Speed Switch

Introduction: How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Speed Switch

My ceiling fan speed switch broke and it got stuck on high. I had another fan sitting around, so I took the one from that.

Step 1:

Take off the light kit.
Open up the dangly bit.

Step 2: Remove Switch

Unscrew the cap, disconnect the chain.
Disconnect the wires.
Pay attention to the colors.

Step 3: Transfer Wires

Make sure the switches have the same rating.
And number of settings.
The connections are labeled L, 1, 2, and 3. Be sure to get them in the right spots. The new one might be in a different order.
You might have to stick a little screwdriver in there to get the wires loose; I just pulled them out.

Step 4: Reconnect and Test



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    won't it fry if the wires are wrong ? I would make a note of what wire goes where, yes ?