How to Replace Your Post Motor Filter on Your Filter Queen Vacuum




Introduction: How to Replace Your Post Motor Filter on Your Filter Queen Vacuum

Have you always wondered what that white(or black) batting is on your filter queen? It is a filter made to capture the carbon dust from the motor so it won't put it back into the room and I will try to show you how to replace it. Make sure you vac is unplugged as you will be taking the top off and you could get shocked!

Step 1: Remove the Tool Caddy

Find the release and remove the tool caddy and detach the vac from the thing that holds the crap.(What to call it?)

Step 2: Remove the Cover for the Switch

I have been told that these covers are hard to find so very carefully remove the cover and save it to put it back on.

Step 3: Un Screw It and Remove the Hose Connector.

take off the hatch for the blower on and you'll see three screws, take these out and lift the hose connecter and the data plate and the cover sould come off at this point but you may need to l pull it toward the switch at the same just a tad to clear the switch then lift straight and it will come off.

Step 4: Remove the Old Filter

Next you'll notice a cadboard ring. Carefuly remove this by bending it under the tabs and lift out and save since you'll reuse it and you will finally see the filter simply remove, and toss.

Step 5: Put in New Filter and Replace Cardboard

Note the notch. I need to verify but it is either for the switch or the outlet for the power head but for the most part just keep it as you found it placing both the filter and cardboard under the tabs on the machine.

Step 6: Guide the Switch in and Put the Switch Cover on and Re Screw the Top On

When you took off the top the switch sprung up so using one hand through the switch hole hold it down so it will get back in said hole then as soon as you do you can let go. Next put the switch cover on by more or less sliding it on and push it into place with the holes on the switch, makeing sure that no wires will be in the way and make sure you have a good seal or dirt might leak ou. Don't worry about glue on the switch cover since it will stay on without it and you need to take it off or else the switch wouldn't fit in the hole. lastly screw the top on making sure the holes line up and your done.

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    3 Discussions


    Question 6 months ago on Step 6

    My Filter Queen is the Majestic model. Will the Post Motor Filter fit it?


    4 years ago

    Thank you so much. I had one too and dont know how to replace.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm glad I could help you! I fixed vacs part time for about a year and my boss told me that one.