How to Reset Service Reminder in Jetta MK6/MK7, Passat B7, and Other



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Reset "Service now!" maintenance interval message in most Volkswagen cars with MFD (Multi Function Display) / MFA / MFA Plus. You don't need diagnostic tools like VCDS to do this after changing oil and filters.

This tutorial will work for most of modern Volkswagen cars:

  • Golf MK6 / MK7
  • Jetta MK6 / MK7
  • Passat B7
  • Caddy lift
  • Tiguan
  • Touran MK2

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Step 1: Procedure

  1. Turn the ignition on.
  2. Press and hold TRIP button on the wipers stalk (right side of the steering wheel).
  3. Use the TRIP buttons to navigate and OK/Reset button to cinfirm. Go to SETUP → Service interval → Reset and confirm the reset procedure.
  4. Turn the ignition off.

In cars without MFD/MFA you can try this procedure:

  1. Press and hold 0.0/SET button (right side of the instrument cluster).
  2. Turn the ignition on.
  3. Release the 0.0/SET button.
  4. Press menu button (left side of the instrument cluster).
  5. Turn the ignition off.

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