How to Rock Out in a REAL P.I.M.P. Costume for Halloween.

Introduction: How to Rock Out in a REAL P.I.M.P. Costume for Halloween.

The purpose of this INSTRUCTABLE is not only to help you out by rocking a sweet stume for this Halloween, but hopefully to revolutionize your lifestyle by providing some insights into the highly demanding world of being a PIMP.

Step 1: Find a Candidate for a Revolutionary Transformation.

Meet Juan: your average random Autodesk employee.  As you can see from the picture, Juan is your regular day to day dude, who probably has not fulfilled his potential in the "ladies" area.  Height: 6´3, Weight: 210 lbs.  An ideal candidate for this radical transformation.

Step 2: The Wear

As it is widely known, PIMPS dress in style.  However, for the purpose of this exercise, we will focus on three vital aspects of the wardrobe; the shirt, the coat, and the hat.

The shirt should ideally be a flannel shirt, made out of either silk or swede, the point here being, it has to be a smooth material.  Bearing in mind the fact that a PIMP is loved and touched by the ladies.  Hence, a smooth material will encourage females to caress the PIMP in the chest and arms area.  

The coat should be a long coat and it MUST be made of some sort of animal fur (in this case synthetic - a PIMP must be ecological).  Also the fur coat should be cut so that the chest area is always showing... we will analyze this aspect later on in this Instructable.

Finally, the hat, every PIMP should have one.  PIMP hats are characterized by the common colorful feather, which this one has, as well as the animal print.

Step 3: The Bling & Co

The bling encapsulates the heart and soul of what being a true PIMP playa is all about.  No self-respecting PIMP hits the streets without proper bling, as it is probably THE most distinguishable trademark of a PIMP.

First we will start with the neck-wear.  As you can see in the illustration, we will provide three sets of gold chains for the transformation of this PIMP, amongst them are:
* White gold chain with ACE OF SPADES garment.  This will provide this playa with legitimacy on the streets by sending the message that "this PIMP does not play around!"
* Solid gold BLING BLING chain.  As the accessory so eloquently says it, this just provides the PIMP with more street credit.
*Solid gold thick chain.  Because of the obvious increase in girth that we can see in this chain, this accessory provides a sense of strength, as it is the general rule on the streets that the thicker the bling... the stronger the playa.

Moving along, we go to the hand-wear.  As you can see in the illustration, we will provide three sets of accessories:
*Gold bracelet, with religious figures.  A PIMP will always be a PIMP, nonetheless, divine intervention is sometimes needed.
*Metallic ROLEX.  This is pretty obvious, ROLEX is by far one of the most recognized watch brands in the market and thus this provides the PIMP with a sense of opulence. (Disclaimer - this is a cheap Chinese knockoff version... but a real one would certainly work pretty good.)
*$$$ ring.  A pimp must always be ready to lay the pimp hand down when things go wrong, and what better way to do this than by leaving a mark on your opponents that next time they better have yo money.

Finally, despite the fact that our character can walk perfectly fine, every PIMP must have with him a cane.  In this case we have a wooden cane made out of solid oak from the mountains of Buffalo, NY.  Land where one of the first PIMPS was born, Mr. Rick James.  Also, very important is a set of shades, so as to not reveal your complete PIMP identity... nobody stares into the eyes of PIMP!

Step 4: Assembly

First of all... the assembly of the costume has to take place with a tune that allows the PIMP to get into the mood of pimpin´.  And what better way to do this than by listening to the powerful sounds and lyrics of 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg´s - P.I.M.P. tune.  (Parental Advisory - explicit lyrics contained in this song.)

It is important to clarify, that for practical purposes, the dress garments from the waist down for this character have already been selected and will not be covered in this Instructable, seeing as though this is PIMPOLOGY 101 - just the basics.

First we will proceed to put on the flannel shirt with the top three buttons open like in the illustration.

Secondly we will proceed to put on the Rolex, bracelet and $$$ rings.

Next we will proceed to put on the chains in the following order
* ACE OF SPADES  chain - as it is the longest of the three chains.
*BLING BLING chain - as it is the second longest of the three chains.
*THICK GOLD chain - the shortest of the three.

Finally, proceed with the fur coat making sure that it is open enough to show all of your bling.   Put on the shades and grab the cane, you are almost ready to go.   As you can see in the picture, this individual already has undergone an internal transformation as he emanates self-confidence.... we will put that to the test in the next step.

Step 5: Hit the Streets.

Well what do you know????  Time flies and what was once a simple 9-5 employee has broken the cocoon and is now a true playa!!!  Welcome to the world of being a PIMP!

Now it´s time to hit the streets, and a true PIMP must have ladies surrounding him 24/7.  Find yourself a group of hot female friends, open up a bottle of Courvoisier... and get to PIMPIN´.  Good luck!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, this breaks so many civilised-male-of-the-21st-century rules, but I like it!